The Hoods with Ears Have to Stop. And So Does Avril Lavigne.
Thursday, January 31, 2008, 05:00 k
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Do they honestly still sell these hoodies with the ears? Or did Avril Lavigne dig this purple, leopard print thing out of her closet (yech, the horror to imagine that girl’s closet)? Stuff like this is such an obvious attempt to hold onto adolescence when you’re nearing your mid-2os and, wah, you don’t want to grow up.

All you 30-somethings, you know what I’m talking about. There comes a time when you realize you’re not immortal and that you’re going to have to start exercising and skipping what Taco Bell refers to as “Fourth Meal.” You need to start sleeping seven nights a week. And, finally, you notice that some clothes just aren’t age-appropriate anymore.

Yes, it’s sad, Avril, but there are so many good things ahead, like the wisdom to know that costume clothes–specifically: kitty-wear–are just dumb after a certain age.

The only people that look cute in these cutesy sweatshirts are babies and, maybe, small dogs. And, even then, that’s stretching it.

–V. Thread


Tribal Marks: Jonathan Saunders collection in the “Boutique”
There’s nothing I love more than a bold “tribal” print on a simple shirt dress and Jonathan Saunders’ collection in the Boutique gives me exactly what I need. Check out the excellent use of color and geometry used to create these Native American-inspired prints. I’ll live in these for spring pairing them with gladiator sandals and huge earrings or high tops and a knit beret.
Just imagine the oversize White shirt with Balenciaga’s beloved Spring 08′ Black and White Gladiator heels or the calf-length Black dress with high-top Chuck Taylors for a more casual approach. With these combos, I don’t think I’ll need anything else for the warmer weather ahead.
black-dress.jpg black-chucks.jpggray-beret.jpg
* Gold Bamboo earrings–
* Black Coverse high-tops–
*Gray knit beret–
-Camille L.

I’m not big on Valentines day either but…


This year I might give in and wear shades of Red or Pink just to throw everybody off. Any of these pieces from Urban Outfitters and Topshop would work. Whether you’re in love or not, these feminine colors can be worn in less-than-girly ways with T-shirts, sneakers, high waisted carrot pants, or paper bag waist shorts. Whatever you do, just don’t wear any hearts or anything like this on V-day!

1. Red Louise Golden Dress–

2. Red V-neck cardigan–

3. Red double collar blouse–

4. Floral bib-front blouse–

5. Color-block skirt–

6. Pink cut-out jacket (back view)–

7. Pink strappy sandals–

-Camille L.

Will You Go Grunge or “Forest Ranger” This Fall 08?
Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 05:00 k
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WWD is predicting that the “Forest Ranger” look is what the retail industry will be pushing on us in Fall ’08. Obviously, it’s very grunge. Well, if grunge were strained through a J. Crew cheesecloth.

And I won’t lie, I like J.Crew, but I hope people will go a little further than that next Fall. I embrace the orange Dr. Martens, I delight in the use of color, and I even like the long Calvin Klein socks as updated thermals, but when you mix it up together the effect is so store bought and polished that it kind of misses the sentiment of the style that it aims to reinterpret, no?

WAH! Knowing that fashion is cyclical, I’ve been hoping for a while that style would get a little deconstructed, a little tattered, a little lazy. I’m dying to see popular fashion lose the high price, glossy, gilded glamour.

I want to roll in the mud, not buy expensive shorts.


Balmain Spring/Summer 08 & Kate Hudson at the SAG Awards
Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 01:31 k
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I was happy to see Kate Hudson wearing that eagle’s wings Balmain gown at the SAG Awards because it gave me the perfect excuse to showcase Balmain’s Native American/Hippie galore Spring/Summer 08 collection.

Thanks, Kate.  I can always count on you and your hippie-chic ways. But, girl, that back-combed  hair doesn’t work with this dress. Sorry.


–V. Thread 

The “Sustainable” Bag Industry: Are We Really Going Green?
Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 06:00 k
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Have you heard? The “It Bag” is dead, so no more paying a thousand million dollars for a handbag, okay? It’s a momentous occasion for the poor and jaded who enjoy this blog, and it’s got me thinking.

Certainly one reason for this latest fashion occurrence is the glut of “must-have” bags that nobody can afford anyway, but I’m pretty sure that another part of it is the emerging “sustainable” fashion industry. Sparked by a growing public disdain for polluting plastic, eco-friendly companies have flooded the market with highly accessible, cute totes in cute colors (often stamped with sassy, greener-than-thou slogans), which are suddenly so chic.

I get it. I like them too, and I find myself longing for them. I mean, just today I fell for the adorable and reversible chambray tote from BYOB pictured above.

And that burning desire brings me to my major qualm about this phenomenon. I fear we’ll be charmed into collecting tons of these bags, which are often cheap and irresistible. And if we do that, then aren’t we just kicking the environment in the shins?

Isn’t the idea that we’re suppose to be trying to consume less instead of producing more and more and more and more? And don’t we run the very high risk of going overboard and over-consuming these non-plastic bags?

After all, we are Americans, and thus insane.

–V. Thread

Victoria “Posh” Beckham Goes Nude for Marc Jacobs (and Skin Cancer)

Well as ironic as this sounds, Victoria Beckham has donated her naked body to help fight skin cancer. Yeah, I know. She looks like she spends half her day in a tanning bed, but she claims that ever since she moved to LA, she’s been practicing “safe sun.”

Hmmm…maybe that peculiar orange hue is a spray tan? Hopefully, all those women she influences are getting their fake, unearthly glow the same way, but I doubt it. Oh well, personally, if I wanted to support this cause I’d rather just donate $35 and skip this Marc Jacobs’ shirt.

Call me un-American, call me a killjoy, but I’m just not into splashing naked celebrities across my chest.

–V. Thread