Thrift Score: Z Cavariccis
Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 12:53 k
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Do you remember Z Cavaricci pants?

They were, hands down, the greatest part of any outfit for men and women in the mid to late 80’s. Equipped with a high waist, a long crotch, a plethora of pleats, extra belt loops, and a peg leg, they invoke images of A.C. Slater or, even better, Johnny Kemp in the 1988 “Just Another Lover” music video .

I used to pass over dozens of pairs of Z Cavariccis at thrift stores with no interest at all and now I regret it. The supply is now dangerously scarce. Every now and then, I’ll find a pair that resemble the brand’s shape and detail but they won’t have the signature Z Cavaricci label on the fly. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found a Black pair in pristine condition at my local thrift store for $4.95, White Z Cavarizzi label and all!!

If you think your days of peg pants and pleating are over, think again.

Pair it with a cropped tuxedo jacket By Lux From Urban Outfitters:

Patterned tank by Torn By Ronny Kobo :

Jewel-tone heels from TopShop:

and of course a skinny belt (or 2) to accent those many belt loops, such as these from Urban Outfitters:

Z. Cavaricci’s, These aren’t just another pair of trousers.

-Camille L.


The Murakami Show Opens at MOCA and Everyone Goes Kookoo Bananas for Ugly Louis Vuitton Bags
Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 06:30 k
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The Takashi Murakami show just opened at Museum of Contemporary Art on Monday and now, of course, everyone’s going insane for these limited edition Murakami Louis Vuitton bags:

The LA Times Reports the MOCA has been swamped with frantic calls from people who just have to have this Neverfull Totes. And perhaps forgetting that they are, in fact, a newspaper and not a ad agency, the LA Times was really giving the hard sell for these limited edition bags in Sunday’s paper:

The sturdy tote comes in three sizes ($875 to $965) in the traditional Louis Vuitton Damier canvas with natural-colored leather handles. On the side is an oversized “LV” in psychedelic colors, emblazoned with a pair of hands and smiling flowers. This singular image is even more distinctive than the all-over logo and cherry prints the artist created for the luxury goods firm a few years back, elevating this bag even more into the realm of high art.

There are drawstrings on either side of the bag, and a strap that clips across the top to keep belongings safe. The lining is a cheery-pink canvas, and the inside pocket is big enough for a cellphone and BlackBerry. It’s a cute knock-around-town-on-a-Saturday bag, though it would be nice if there were feet on the base to keep it from getting dirty.

Um, okay, but feet or no feet Murakami or no Murakami, I still don’t like them. Seriously, after having to look at Jessica Simpson walking around with that LV bag for I don’t know how long and then every sweats-wearing woman at the airport proudly clutching her fake thereafter, if I never see another Louis V bag again, it will be too soon.

I am however very psyched for the actual exhibit and Murakami’s non-purse related work, which looks RAD:



I plan to go this weekend and hit up the non-Louis Vuitton souvenirs. I will report soon.

Photos from Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot and

I Love We Love Colors
Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 06:00 k
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Some people dream of cars, houses, jewels, and maybe world peace, but I dream of tights–rows and rows of tights and other legwear in every color and style. Well, my friends, this reverie is now a reality thanks to We Love Colors. It’s a fantasy come to life, and I have to pinch myself every time I go to the site.

They also have socks, thigh-highs, knee socks, fishnets and leotards in colors like these:


-V. Thread

Waiting for the Sale: JCrew Goosedown Puffer Jacket
Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 06:00 k
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There are certain stores where I rarely pay full-price (or FOOL price), and JCrew is one of them. Something has to be really spectacular for me to even consider it because most of that cute overpriced stuff eventually goes on sale, anyway.

Right now I’m obsessing over this goosedown puffer, despite the fact that I live in California . I love everything about this little dude–yellow and a cinched waist, am I dreaming? Right now it’s $158, but I bet it will go down to $99 eventually.

I’ll say a rosary.

Okay, Seriously, What’s Up with Renee Zellweger?
Monday, October 29, 2007, 08:00 k
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Here’s a picture of Zellweger a split second before she start killing people with her eyes.

No, really, she’s freaking me out.

Nobody in London Wants Your Cheap Ass Clothes
Monday, October 29, 2007, 06:00 k
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Almost all the clothes in a thrift store are unwearable, with a few gems hiding within. In the golden age of thrift shopping (the 90s), you had to sift through Bart Simpson and company picnic t-shirts to find the Levis Sta-Prest and Hang Ten shirts, but now there’s a new culprit clogging things up: cheap clothes à la Forever 21.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t indulge in the cheapness that is Forever 21 on a frequent basis but, call me a snob, I draw the line at buying it second hand. It’s not like that stuff really goes the long haul. It’s called disposable fashion for a reason.

The thrift stores have my back on this one…in London, anyway, according to a Times Online article by Lisa Armstrong. In it she writes that the thrift stores of Notting Hill, one of the priciest London neighborhoods, are rejecting donations of cheap clothes because they’re not profitable enough. She says clothes lose half their value once you taken them home and then half of that once you wear them. So do that math for a $16 top from some flimsy fashion store.

I wonder if this phenomenon will spread to US thrift stores. It seems like the cheaper clothes get in chain stores, the market for used clothing will begin to fade because most people who have the option would rather pay $6 for a new t-shirt than $1 for a used one. As thrift stores become pickier about what they accept, maybe second hand shops will be the only place you can actually get some decent quality clothes.

Hmmm…the Goodwill did just open a high end store in Connecticut, where they sell designer jeans and such.

-V. Thread

Fashion For the ears: Land of talk
Friday, October 26, 2007, 12:47 k
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“Speak to me bones” by Land of talk (a Threadtrend FAVORITE!!!!!!)