Prada’s “Trembled Blossom”: An inspiring way to start the work week
Monday, March 31, 2008, 12:49 k
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If you haven’t already viewed Prada’s amazing Trembled Blossom, the time is now. Words cannot express how much I love and respect this project. Trembled Blossom is a 4-minute animated film spawned out of a flower and nymph drawing done by L.A. illustrator, James Jean. Apparently, Muccia Prada was so taken by Jean’s creation he did for a store wall that she based her entire Spring 08 collection on it! (I knew there was something special about this collection when I wrote on it last year) Trembled Blossom soon followed, displaying some of the Spring 08 looks.

The film, directed by L.A’s James Lima surrounds the nymph who, in the beginning, emerges nude from the center of a flower which has been punctured by a humming bird. As she walks, two vibrant crabs (get your head out the gutter) inch toward the nymph’s feet, turning into a pair of the now famous tulip heels (Brilliant!) After a fish morphs into the gorgeous color-blocked striped purse (yes it gets better!), the nymph is covered in the shocking Red and Royal plaid calf-length dress.

This all for the love of art and, of course, selling beautiful clothes. Prada had me at hello and always keeps me begging for more! Trembled Blossom is so visually stimulating and, for me, almost calming. I’ve watched it dozens of times now, yet it’s still the perfect start to a hectic work week!

Check out the film at blossoms

-Camille L.


The First Annual Fiercees. Why? And Yuck.
Monday, March 31, 2008, 10:50 k
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For some reason–most likely her obsession with herself–Tyra decided to “honor” the women of America’s Next Top Model and her dumb talk show. I don’t know many details, and I don’t want to. I just really wanted an excuse to post this SICK picture of Jade.

My god! Not fierce.

UPDATE: Here are the nominees and winners from Jezebel:

Biggest Makeover Meltdown
Nominees: Jade, Jada, Bianca
Winner: Jade

Craziest Phone Call
Nominees: Shandi, Natasha
Winner: Natasha

Worst Wipeout
Nominees: Rebbecca, Norelle, Jael
Winner: Norelle

Most Dramatic Exit
Nominees: Ebony (Cycle 9), Jade, Kimberly
Winner: Kimberly

Ugliest Cry
Nominees: Joanie, Shandi, Jael
Winner: Joanie

Honorary Awards:
Lifetime Achievement Award

Most Dramatic Change


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Hercules and Love Affair“Blind”. I suggest you pick this C.D up, Its amazing! Experience Antony’s voice. So awesome.

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Kool Keds: Collaboration with Japanese label, Green= the best things Keds has done in years
Thursday, March 27, 2008, 10:43 k
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This week, Papermag reported on these fantastic cut-out Keds shoes that I would actually wear. Keds teamed up with Tokyo design label, Green, to create these little gems. They are a take on the ultra-classic lace-up canvas sneaker but with a little late 80’s womens studies professor in leather sandals twist. While the colors are… do-able I’d much prefer them in pastel Blue, Peach, or Gray. But their cute none-the-less.

This is way better than their collab with Mischa Barton. When’s that contract going to be over, anyway?

Paper reports that they found these at the Loveless boutique Japan. I’ve been searching all morning trying to find them in the U.S. with no luck. Can anyone help? BTW, I don’t need to know how cool you are or which celeb you ran into when you saw these. I just want to know where to find these. Thanks!

-Camille L

LeBron James/Gisele Bundchen Vogue Cover Controversy

Though I love hoopla, I’ve been kind of ignoring this LeBron James/Gisele Bundchen story. However, today, I’ve finally decided to write about this because it’s really growing into a major thing. The controversy is about LeBron’s ferocious pose that has him manhandling Gisele. Some people are saying that this is a perpetuation of racial stereotypes, with Lebron, who happens to be the first black man ever to grace the cover of Vogue, taking on a King Kong-esque demeanor:


About the Annie Leibovitz cover, Vogue spokesperson Patrick O’Connel says:

“We think LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen look beautiful together and we are honored to have them on the cover.”

For his part, LeBron says:

“Everything my name is on is going to be criticized in a good way or bad way,” James told the paper. “Who cares what anyone says?”

Others, including me, say this is BULL-logna! They knew what they were doing when they chose this cover. Don’t be stupid. I don’t necessarily think it’s racist, because Vogue is artistic, and this could possibly be proving a point, but they were definitely trying to be provocative. Duh. Do you doubt Anna Wintour?

On a side note, I just realized what a cool name LeBron is.

— Valentina


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Michelle Williams in Elle Magazine
Thursday, March 27, 2008, 06:00 k
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I’d heard about the Michelle Williams fashion spread in the April issue of Elle, but hadn’t seen it in the flesh until today. She looks amazing! I love the way she channels good ol’ Edie Sedgewick in the image above, and the rest of the pics are pretty delish, too.

Mwah! I love it.



Top 10 Lessons from America’s Next Top Model. Cycle 10, Episode 6
Wednesday, March 26, 2008, 08:18 k
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1. Models talking about their babies and their milk drying up is BOR-ING.

2. Standing up on a chair during an argument is lame.

3. Posing with pain–it’s real, and it’s scary.

4. “When Tyra’s in front of you, you will blank out!”

5. Nigel definitely decided what the one-on-one challenge would be. Dirty.

6. Dominique is right! They are monkeys. Bitchy monkeys.

7. Oh! Claire is “the bitch” this season!

8. ANTM has absolutely no idea what “Punk” or “Grunge” mean.

9. The redhead was more “Bette Midler” than “R&B.”

10. Poor Bette Midler.


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