Will You Go Grunge or “Forest Ranger” This Fall 08?
Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 05:00 k
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WWD is predicting that the “Forest Ranger” look is what the retail industry will be pushing on us in Fall ’08. Obviously, it’s very grunge. Well, if grunge were strained through a J. Crew cheesecloth.

And I won’t lie, I like J.Crew, but I hope people will go a little further than that next Fall. I embrace the orange Dr. Martens, I delight in the use of color, and I even like the long Calvin Klein socks as updated thermals, but when you mix it up together the effect is so store bought and polished that it kind of misses the sentiment of the style that it aims to reinterpret, no?

WAH! Knowing that fashion is cyclical, I’ve been hoping for a while that style would get a little deconstructed, a little tattered, a little lazy. I’m dying to see popular fashion lose the high price, glossy, gilded glamour.

I want to roll in the mud, not buy expensive shorts.



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