New Music Friday:Hard Place
Friday, May 30, 2008, 06:02 k
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Hard Place is one of the hottest bands on LA’s underground scene. Their live shows are always fun and full of debauchery, and definitely cannot be missed. Freddy, Huizenga, and Tom writhe on a minotaur rug making that music of passion, pursuing endlessly their gracious prey!

Since joining Hard Place in 2004, Huizenga has actually pumped new blood into the band, taking them in a more dramatic and theatrical direction, and the kids love it. Fusing 80’s new wave with metal riffs, the band makes sounds comparable to Human League, Sparks, Iron Maiden and even Sade.

Hard Place‘s new album “Get Your Hopes Up is out now on World Famous in San Francisco Records.

Some music:

The Photographer

Mondays Are for Working

Here are Hard Place’s upcoming shows:
* June 3rd @ La Cita, LA
* June 10, Wildness @ The Silver Platter, LA
* June 30, @ Pehr Space, LA w/ Laco$t
* July 12, @ ARTSTORM, Houston TX w/ Wicked Poseur and Young Mammals!
* July 13, @ The Mink, Houston TX w/ Wicked Poseur and (maybe) Indian Jewelry

Check out Hard Place’s website.
Check out Hard Place’s Myspace.

Check out World Famous in San Francisco’s website.

Buy Hard Place’s new Album “Get Your Hopes Up.”

See the “Get Your Hopes Up” video .



Barracuda Hair Grand Opening
Friday, May 30, 2008, 04:53 k
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LA’s De La Barracuda (7769 Melrose Ave) shop is hosting the opening of Barracuda Hair on May 30th. Bands and gift bags are on the agenda. RSVP:

When Fashion Ads Go Wrong:Marc Jacobs New Victoria Beckham Ads
Friday, May 30, 2008, 04:19 k
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Ay!  and Ewwww.

Those are first two things that came to mind when Mikey sent me this new Marc Jacobs ad.  No wonder Jacobs is going back to using models in his Fall ads.

Step away from the tanning booth, Posh.


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Weekend Shopping: Sales!

Threadtrend gots your weekend shopping covered. Hit up these sales sooner than later.

Opening Ceremony
NYC: 35 Howard St., 212-219-2688
LA: 451 North La Cienega, 310-652-1120

Traction Ave. Fashion Co-op:
Downtown LA: 830 Traction Ave., 213-621-0401

Downtown LA: 860 S. Los Angeles St. #529

NYC:10 Greene St. 212-625-2828


Friday, May 30, 2008, 03:37 k
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The woman who once posed topless and lovingly with a giant bottle of Marc Jacob’s Blush fragrance–the fabulous Sofia Coppola–now belongs to Miss Dior Chérie. Coppola has been hired to direct a TV ad campaign for the perfume, and starring in the ads is model Maryna Linchuk.

I’m hoping that Coppola’s commercial will be as good as last year’s Gucci by Gucci commercial from David Lynch. I’m optimistic.

She’ll also be starring in an ad campaign with Francis Ford Coppola for Louis Vuitton‘s “Core Values” campaign later this year.



Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely
Thursday, May 29, 2008, 07:39 k
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Harmony Korine‘s latest film, Mr. Lonely, tackles the idea of idol worship, whether it be celebrity or religious. It’s about how you can get so wrapped up in the idea of something and give yourself over to it no matter how absurd it is.

The film moves back and forth between a Michael Jackson impersonator (Y Tu Mama Tambein‘s Diego Luna) living on a commune with other impersonators and a humanitarian priest who is dropping food out of airplanes with the help of some nuns.

Mr. Lonely is filled with many visuals that will stick with you long after it ends, from nuns falling out of airplanes and doing bicycle tricks that belong on the X Games to haunting solo shots of suicide and painted eggs. This film is unlikely to go into wide release, but if you live in LA or NYC definitely search it out (you can watch it at home if you have IFC On Demand–ed.)

Also of note: this films tackles a rare feat as it renders Diego Luna unattractive (who knew that was possible?)

Watch the trailer below:


The Rachel Ray Keffiyeh Controversy. Lame.
Thursday, May 29, 2008, 07:10 k
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I never thought I’d be writing about Rachel freaking Ray, but this Keffiyeh controversy is the silliest thing ever.

I guess that conservative nut job Michelle Malkin started the ruckus, calling Ray and DD out on her blog for promoting scarves that are “staples at anti-Israel rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley.” She’s also grossed out that they’ve become a fashion trend, saying it’s the same thing as “Klan-style hoods in Burberry plaid.”

Um, okay. Whatever. Keffiyehs are also the traditional dress of Arab men, and ethnic wear is often co-opted by pop-culture–like moccasins, peasant tops, and African prints. I really doubt that these drunk hipsters were attempting to make any sort of political statement:

The ironic thing is that now that Rachel Ray wore the Keffiyeh in a DUNKIN’ DONUTS commercial (for crying out loud) THE TREND IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Yup, Ray effectively killed the trend that Malkin finds so offensive. She should applaud Ray because now nobody is going to wear it for fear of looking like the “30 Minute Chef.”