The Hoods with Ears Have to Stop. And So Does Avril Lavigne.
Thursday, January 31, 2008, 05:00 k
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Do they honestly still sell these hoodies with the ears? Or did Avril Lavigne dig this purple, leopard print thing out of her closet (yech, the horror to imagine that girl’s closet)? Stuff like this is such an obvious attempt to hold onto adolescence when you’re nearing your mid-2os and, wah, you don’t want to grow up.

All you 30-somethings, you know what I’m talking about. There comes a time when you realize you’re not immortal and that you’re going to have to start exercising and skipping what Taco Bell refers to as “Fourth Meal.” You need to start sleeping seven nights a week. And, finally, you notice that some clothes just aren’t age-appropriate anymore.

Yes, it’s sad, Avril, but there are so many good things ahead, like the wisdom to know that costume clothes–specifically: kitty-wear–are just dumb after a certain age.

The only people that look cute in these cutesy sweatshirts are babies and, maybe, small dogs. And, even then, that’s stretching it.

–V. Thread


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HA! start skipping the ‘fourth meal’!

Comment by tvondvdcritic

Ya’know, maybe she just liked the jacket :S


Comment by stace

avril is awesome i dont know what these people are going on about it looks cool.i think it looks good on her WHAT IS THERE PROBLEM?

Comment by kandi

these people are weird avril looks good…. i loooove avril!!!!!!!!!11

Comment by SALLY

hey, its nice standing out! :3
im 15 and i dont mind wearing ears.
heck id wear them when im 50!

being mature is lame :p

Comment by Beaver

Avril looks cool to me!

Comment by Karde

Avril looks great to me; I really don’t see why she needs to conform to your set of rules, you should live a little and stop conforming, don’t be a drone, it will just make you boring.

Comment by Jim

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