Victoria “Posh” Beckham Goes Nude for Marc Jacobs (and Skin Cancer)

Well as ironic as this sounds, Victoria Beckham has donated her naked body to help fight skin cancer. Yeah, I know. She looks like she spends half her day in a tanning bed, but she claims that ever since she moved to LA, she’s been practicing “safe sun.”

Hmmm…maybe that peculiar orange hue is a spray tan? Hopefully, all those women she influences are getting their fake, unearthly glow the same way, but I doubt it. Oh well, personally, if I wanted to support this cause I’d rather just donate $35 and skip this Marc Jacobs’ shirt.

Call me un-American, call me a killjoy, but I’m just not into splashing naked celebrities across my chest.

–V. Thread



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you un-American! you killjoy! Kidding, I totally agree. It’s just another tee-shirt with another naked robot on the front

Comment by heather

i agree 99%. the 1% is only because there is a brandon boyd version of this shirt from 2006 floating around somewhere in this world and i want it!!

Comment by ginamarr

You are Un-American, splashing a naked celebrity on your chest is every American man’s dream. Off course the fact that she’ only a picture and facing the wrong way isn’t quite what I had in mind!

Comment by Pete

[…] Jacobs is selling Hillary Clinton shirts in his stores. I would certainly rather wear this than the Posh shirt he’s hawking, but that’s not an endorsement for Hillary. It’s just a vote against […]

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tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

Comment by MichaellaS

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