Sanrio Surprise: Hello Kitty for Guys?
Monday, December 31, 2007, 10:46 k
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Okay, guys, your time has come. Now, it’s socially acceptable for you, too, to wear Hello Kitty. No, really. Soon, you’ll be able to represent with the bow-clad cat on everything from t-shirts to watches.

The spokesman for Sanrio thinks the environment is ripe and metro-sexual enough for the Kitty to man up. “We think Hello Kitty is accepted by young men as a design statement in fashion,” says Kazuo Tohmatsu.

They released a guy line in Japan in 2007, and apparently the boys of Harajuku dug it, so who knows? Maybe American guys will surprise me and make it a hit. Yeah, I bet you the emo boys will eat that shit up.

-V. Thread



Heard & Seen This Week on the Internets
Friday, December 28, 2007, 09:01 k
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Our favorite thingies online this week were:

  • TV Entertainment wants us to get to know Jan Terri.  Good idea.

Dolce Vita Shoes on Sale
Thursday, December 27, 2007, 09:00 k
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Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop with the wooden heel obsession really soon. I’m almost over it. But check out these Dolce Vita oxford pumps–you can’t expect me to pass these babies by. Amazingly enough, they’re on sale right now at Shopbop for $74, which as you probably know, is amazing for that site.

There’s just no denying that heel.

-V. Thread

Fashion Against AIDS: H&M and Rihanna Join the Fight.


H&M is taking on AIDS with the help of a cotton collection and Rihanna. The Fashion Against AIDS line is the work of designers, musicians and artists, including our favorite songstress from Barbados along with Jade Jagger, Timbaland, The Cardigans (yeah, I didn’t get it either until I remembered they’re Swedish. So is H&M.) and Ziggy Marley. The bad news is that Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance are also involved.

Still, considering how insanely popular H&M is and the way the company manages to work people into a frenzy, I’m sure this project will be pretty successful.

Twenty-Five percent of the proceeds go to global AIDS/HIV prevention, but a big part of the cause is to raise awareness among the 15-24 year old set. The cool thing is that some of the shirts will shout stuff like “Wear a Condom.” So 90s, so TLC. I love it.

They’re also 100% organic cotton and out in February.

-V. Thread


I’m Just a Stupid Bag

Take that, Anya Hindmarch. This year’s most swooned over bag has now been spoofed by A Stupid Bag, an eco-friendly company that makes eco-friendly bags that say things like “I’m Just a Stupid Bag,” “I’m Just a Fucking Bag,” and “I’m a Cheap Shit Bag.”

 Using one of these bags all year long can save about 700 plastic bags, you wasteful jerk.

-V. Thread

Happy Holidays from Threadtend
Monday, December 24, 2007, 11:35 k
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25 % Off at Le Train Bleu. Still Expensive but Probably Worth It.
Monday, December 24, 2007, 12:02 k
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They’re having a sale over at Le Train Bleu, one of my favorite fantasy stores. All you have to do is type in dailycandy at checkout and you’ll get 25% off until January 10. That said, you’ll still spend an arm and a leg, but at least you’ll be buying small-time and indie designers that are too good for most of the buying public to have any interest in.

I sound snobby, I know.

Too bad my snobbishness isn’t supported by a income of equal stature. But if it were, I’d be buying this Lover Theodora Peasant Dress:

-V. Thread