Spring ’08 Ad Campaign: Kimora Lee Simmons for Baby Phat. Yuck.
Tuesday, January 15, 2008, 05:00 k
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Another day, another ad campaign. Here’s everyone’s favorite megalomaniac, Kimora Lee Simmons, in the Spring ’08 Baby Phat ad. The (unoriginal) theme is San Tropez.


Don’t even get me started.




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couldn’t agree more

Comment by heather

one of them most annoying trannies in the world. And i love my tran..what? shes a woman?

Comment by barf

i like kimoraa =[

Comment by Tashur

stop hatin she is fly as hell

Comment by trinis

you bitches are just straight up hateing. you know she looks good and she is faboulous and who ever wrote that she is a trannie you probably a fat and ugly and don’t have anything better to do than hate on people that have more talent that you will ever have loser!!!

Comment by jessica

@ Jessica,
1. I bet you Look more of a trannie than That fat, big ugly Thing called Kimmora.
2. I bet you think you look good in all that Shit baby phat and all those other brands give to the ghetto comunity. And anyone with money would not be caught dead in any of that ghetto shit, unless your in a music video.
3. I bet you use more make up and try to dress up for men to give you ANY kind of attention because your insecure and were abused as a child
4. I bet you hate on other celebraties like paris, and britney just for being alive. But think Kimora is “dope” , when in reality she will always be a D-list celebraty
5. Kimora has no talent she just slaps her name on what ever people design for her, she just sits back and collects her money.
6. She does not give a shit about yOU, if she had to choose between your sorry ass and her dogs, to have rescued in a burning building,she’d picked her dogs, Not you…

So just keep on aiming or admireing to be like a she-man. I’ve seen better trannies than her.

“people that have more talent that you will ever have loser!!!”
that goes for you too, what empire are you writing from?huh….

Comment by billy bob saget

WHERE can i find the overall thing shes wearing??
I’ve looked all over her website and i cant find it

Comment by Em

Ok BILLY BOB!!! How racist are YOU?!?!? Why does Baby Phat have to be targeted for the “ghetto community”? I’ve seen plenty of white girls wearing Baby Phat (Asians, Latino, etc). So, Are those just “white trash” because they like the clothing? And plenty of people “with money” wear Baby Phat as well( since you keep up with the stars so much, you should know)! And nobody is really focused on Paris, who takes her daddy’s money (she’s an heiress, remember?), or Britney, who CLEARLY has WAAAAYYYY too many issues right now! Nobody but you that is! Plus, maybe she made Baby Phat for the simple fact that she wants young girls who don’t have money, or their parents make them shop on a budget, to feel better about themselves. Maybe she feels that every woman should feel good about themselves, and dress the part! Stop thinking you are above everyone, and get off Britney and Paris’ DICK! I love Baby Phat, regardless if its for “poor” “ghetto” people or not! ANYWAY, I agree with Em, where can I get that jumper she is wearing? Love it and can’t wait to sport it in the summertime!

Comment by amber

i kinda agree with BILLY BOB and what exactly did he say that’s “racist”? He only stated the facts about Kimora…if you watch her show,everything is blatantly clear…she doesn’t design any of the clothes for Baby Phatt,she may pick the colors and fabrics(maybe)and most of the pieces are gaudy and over embellished with shiny gold lettering or rhinestones..and lets not forget her perfumes,shower gels and body lotions;they’re not worth the money she’s charging for them.If you like to apply your perfume and have the scent gone a hour or so later;then her line of fragrances are the ones i recommend you try…No disrespect to you personally Amber,but Billy Bob was just keepin it “real” and f.y.i…Kimora would so totally save her dog(s) and not you or anyone else.

Comment by Sherrie

I notice that slutty girls and porn starlets wear Baby Phat and it’s also the preferred attire of strippers. I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!! I wish more booty girls would get it on and wear that shit like there was no tomorrow!!!! I saw this girl walking the strip yesterday and she had the tightest shorts on with that gold emroidered pussy cat on the backside and those Huge gold dangling Cat earrings OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooh weee. Also, man I love how them pussy whoooped guys carry there girls bag into a restaurant with all that baby phat gaudy gold and dangling shit hanging off the bag. It make them look like a sap…But heck they be with some fine ass hoes.

Comment by Rear_Ron

Kimora is HOT! That baby phat line she does is sexy as hell. I like the boots that she make. I got like 8 pairs. I wish she would do more styles tho. She need to get that beautiful ass to working on some more heels. I love that scent of the Goddess perfume. The guys go gaga.

Comment by Delish_maya

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