Dear Vogue: Adele’s Not Thin
Monday, March 23, 2009, 11:47 k
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Every year Vogue does their ridiculous “Shape” issue, in which they so graciously allow “curvy” celebrities to appear on their pages.   As you probably know, “curvy” in Anna Wintour-speak is codeword for anyone over a size 2, so basically this is the issue where anyone who has decipherable hips or thighs is “celebrated.”

And by celebrated, I mean patronized and photoshopped.

Case in point, British singer Adele, who is featured in the issue and is barely recognizable in the photo above.  Vogue would have us think that the singer lost 30 pounds in preparation for the Annie Leibovitz shoot–from the hand on the face to the missing right arm, they really used every trick in the book to slim the British singer.

My question is: why?  Aren’t we all already aware of Adele’s size?  What does Vogue think they’re protecting us from, and who do they think they’re fooling?

Dear Vogue, Adele’s not thin, and we’re okay with it. You should have been less predictable and put her on the cover instead of Beyonce. Oh, and could you stop using the word “voluptuous” to describe everyone who isn’t painfully skinny?


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Ugh, I totally agree with you! Honestly, instead of “celebrating” beauty, they’re just reinforcing the stereotypical waif image everybody is already bombarded with on a day to day basis.
I was reading an article and it pointed out that Adele’s hands were on her face to “take away from the roundness of it”. Such a shame.

Comment by Marz

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