Fuck Yeah Fest Brings Us The Thorns of Life
Thursday, January 22, 2009, 12:03 k
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I happen to be in love with a Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil fanatic, so I know this is big news: The Thorns of Life, Blake Schwarzenbach‘s new band is coming to LA tomorrow! The group, which has been getting good press and also includes Aaron Elliott of Cometbus fame and actress Daniela Sea from The L Word, will be playing the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts along with Underground Railroad to Candyland and Audacity. Pre-sale tickets are sold out, but there should be a few at the door.

This show is brought to you by the great people of the Fuck Yeah Fest, who brought us a great set of shows last August.

Check out the amazing flyers for other upcoming Fuck Yeah Fest productions after the cut:






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thorns of life show is being put on by Todd Congeliere and Recess Records, no connection to FYFest peopple besides their connection to the venue. get yer facts straight.

Comment by keyser soze

Um, well I’m looking at the flyer, and it says “brought to you by Fuck Yeah Fest.” Therefore, I think it’s logical for me to think I had my “facts straight.”

Comment by threadtrend

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