Coolest. President. Ever.
Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 01:46 k
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It’s just a cigarette…and it’s cooooool, just like our new president. Check out a whole set of pics taken of Obama while he was at Occidental College in 1980. They’re on the Time Magazine site. You’ll love it.



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we don’t need fonzi in the white house.
ehh, groovy with you?

now go get a wow elf tattoo.

Comment by walkndude

Yeah, I don’t think Obama posing for some pictures while smoking a cigarette 28 years ago makes him Fonzie…it’s not like he took them last week. Get a grip. Fonzie wasn’t President of the Harvard Law Review or the United States, so SIT ON IT.

Comment by threadtrend

Well, I love it.

Comment by Christopher Shappley


Comment by Rachel Zoe

Just seeing him show a side of human other than the side we all know as President is dope enough. But then again, photos of Bush doing the same thing would definitely not be as cool.

Comment by Cas Ruffin

Is it just me or is Obama kind of hot in these pics? I would have been totally into him then.

Comment by Jen

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