The Great Depression is so Fashion. Soho’s 1929 Gives out Soup.
Sunday, December 7, 2008, 06:00 k
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Um, this kind of grosses me out.  In New York, a pop-up shop called 1929, named after the year the stock market crashed and ushered in the Great Depression, just opened in Soho. To bring home the allusion, the high-end retail store is giving out free soup and coffee to costumers in effort to conjure up images of one of our nation’s worst, most desperate periods in history. Oh, and it’s even more wink-wink ironic because, as you all know, our economy is collapsing!

So chic!

One of the store’s owner, Aaron Genuth (Levi Okunov is another) has this to say about his latest venture:

“The store is inspired by the Great Depression…Everybody’s worried about money, but with Obama getting in, there’s definitely a spirit of collaboration, of optimism. There’s a feeling that people getting together can make things better on a local level, like we are doing here, and in a greater sense for the whole country.”

Hmmm…yeah, it still seems tacky to me, especially when half a million people lost their jobs last month.

To be fair, Genuth has refuted criticisms like mine in a letter News Blaze writer Robert Paul Reyes, saying:

” [U]se of The 1929 and Depression imagery is not meant to mock or trivialize anyone’s pain, it is our way of acknowledging, accepting, and preparing for tough times, remaining confident and optimistic that just like back then, we will get through this together, and we will come out stronger and better for it.”

And they’re giving some of their proceeds to a real soup kitchen in Manhattan and the Bowery Mission.  Still, I don’ t know– does that that make it okay?



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ummm.. pop up shop in the hippest neighborhood in the city… gee, i wonder if these guys are millionaires?

instead of everyone getting all riled up about what these guys are doing why not just chuckle.. as a frequently out of work artist, I view a recession/depression as a bunch of worker bees by choice being forced to live a more hand to mouth existence that many artists choose or are inclined to live.
i see this shop as the owners way of saying, “we live by the grace of god, welcome to our way of life, come see what we’ve been working on, have some free soup..

no need to be so cynical!

Comment by nehedar

I don’t think people should get away w/anything b/c it’s NYC, but we do have freedom of expression. Doesn’t seem to be any mockery or shame in recognizing hard times were beaten once and we’ll make it through yet again. I personally will be visiting this w/e to check out their lines. Why not, right? No one’s forcing you to look at it.

Comment by Daniel

I don’t know about artistic. To me, it just sounds retarded. The Great Depression….what a great marketing technique for idiots.

Comment by definitely gross

[…] financial climate, I guess. Let’s just hope Vera Wang doesn’t start handing out free soup with every […]

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Hey, this is Aaron Genuth, i’m not gonna write a whole retort piece over here, cuz i’ve done that before, and you’ve already linked it. Just one thing- can we stop acting like this recession/depression is some kind of f*cking tragedy? We’re not even anywhere near the worst of it and everybody is running around like chickens without heads. Panic helps noone and nothing. Approaching this situation with level heads, new ideas, and yes, maybe, a sense of humor, is not a bad thing, and could be what will, eventually get us out of this mess. Guess I did end up doing the whole long-winded retort piece, but I welcome everyone to come by and see what we’ve got going, and defy you to leave cynical.

Comment by aaron genuth

Photo shoot of dirt poor third world civilians holding astronomically expensive designer items…No
New Yorkers opening a store for New Yorkers commenting on the dwindling status of New Yorkers…Yes
Will the Euro wielding tourists love it…Yes.

Comment by Elizabeth

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