Complexgeometrics Makes Me Want to Buy Something
Thursday, November 20, 2008, 03:16 k
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I have to admit, with the everything that’s going on in the world right now, I’ve been a little eh about shopping and consuming and such. With things so uncertain and everyone so freaked, it just seems weird to say, fuck it, “I need some retail therapy.” I know that if you haven’t been affected by the recession, it’s sort of your duty to spend and keep the economy chugging, but I keep thinking about Bush telling us all to shop after 9/11, and I get queasy.

What a downer, huh?

So, why am I unloading this on you in the middle of a fashion post? Well, mostly because the Spring 09 collection from Complexgeometrics, a Montreal-based label, makes me want to buy something. I love their approach, which is to create comfortable clothing that can be layered to work for all climates.

“Traditional clothing from around the world also influences the look of the collection. Specifically, souvenir clothing favoured by Western travelers is further decontextualized in reinterpretation.”

Cool. I’m all for supporting innovative, small business.








You can find Complexgeometrics clothing at Oak in NYC or on the company’s site.



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less is more?! i love the simplicity of the collection.

Comment by Anda

Whoa nelly at that front upskirt skirt.

Comment by Cas Ruffin

[…] few days ago on Threadtrend, we came across this very interesting design featuring multiple layerings and asymmetric cuts. We […]

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