Double Obsession of the Week
Monday, November 17, 2008, 01:47 k
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I’ve been pretty neglectful with my Obsessions of the Week lately, so this week I’ll double it up.


First up is the new release by Love is All. They played the Part Time Punks Festival last night in Los Angeles. Their new album A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night is one of the year’s best releases. The new album is a brilliant, fun follow up to Nine Times the Same Song.

Wishing Well


The other pick is Little Joy, named after a pretty good bar in Echo Park. It’s a Strokes side project featuring
Fabrizio Moretti. I saw this band open for Megapuss a little while back and was pleasantly surprised by how good they are. The album is very reminiscent of early Strokes, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ve had it in heavy rotation since getting it, and this should tied you Stokes fans over until their new album gets released.

Little Joy’s self titled album is out now, and they are doing a free instore tonight for you New Yorkers. They hit the west coast in early December for a stop at the Troubadour.

Brand New Start



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