Killsonic: My New Favorite Marching Band

photo by Liezl Estipona

This weekend, I went to the Steve Allen Theater in LA to see Bruce McCollough of Kids in the Hall fame, Kevin McDonald (also from KITH) and Doug Benson (Best Week Ever and the hilarious Super High Me) perform. All were ridiculously funny, and there was one particular bit from McCollough about a unicorn who contracts HIV from the Hamburglar that I can’t stop laughing about–it’s complicated. There was also the added treat of Janine Garofalo, who took to the stage for a short set.

The other surprise of the night was a performance by Killsonic, a free jazz-punk marching band that brought the show to a spectacular crescendo and closed it with a bang.  The band packed the stage with about 20 members (picture only shows a few) wielding numerous accordions, horns, drums and an insane amount of energy.  It was an amazing show–they played 5 or 6 songs, some with vocals, some with loud crying, and there was even one about the “Cucuy.”

Killsonic is a sight to behold–the members are all ages and seem to come from all walks of life.  I’d describe their set as “emotional” for lack of a better word. The crashing symbols and hardcore horns managed to capture the mood of society right now: the tension, the uncertainty, the euphoria, the anticipation.  It really worked for me.  Actually, it was so good that we were afraid that Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin were going to bust in any moment and announce that we were all under arrest and that our existences had been vaporized.

Yeah, seriously, that good.

Check out Killsonic’s Myspace, and definitely check them out next time they play.



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Thanks so much for the Killsonic shout out!
We’re playing this benefit on 11/18/08 at the Regent Theatre in Downtown LA… — a donate-what-you-can event for Doctors Without Borders! It’ll be, a, dare I say it? Blast!

–From: their resident tubist, Ms. Chaos

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