Radiohead Contest: Remix “Reckoner”
Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 10:00 k
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Radiohead are once again launching a remix contest for their new song “Reckoner”. They previously did this with the song “Nude” off their most recent album In Rainbows. They made the single available for download with different stems for vocals, drums, guitar and made them available for purchase, so that you could remix them. This resulted in their highest chart showing on the Billboard Hot 100 in many many years.

The stems for “Reckoner” will become available on on Sept 23rd (with stems available for Lead vocal, Backing vocal, Guitars, Bass, and Drums) but this time you will be able to purchase them all together for the price of $1 on iTunes rather than separately.

Here is what Thom Yorke has to say via the bands Dead Air Space Blog:

There’s a Remix site going up today for Reckoner here. To start things off we asked James Holden and Diplo to do their versions. Now the elements are already being passed around to other artists..The elements of the song are soon going to be made available to you if you wanna have a go..If it’s anything like the Nude remix site it could get fairly nuts. We’re off to Japan at the weekend.

And this is how crazy successful the first remix project was

Unique visitors: 6,193,776
Page Views: 29,090,134
Hits: 58,340,512
Bandwidth: 10.666 Terabytes
Number of mixes: 2,252,
Number of votes: 461,090
Number of track listens: 1,745,304

I wonder if reckoner will be able to match.

Here are the some of the remixes for download:
Reckoner (diplo remix)
Reckoner (holden remix)
Reckoner (remdog remix)
Reckoner (flying lotus remix)



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thanks for the endorsement.

Comment by Remdog

[…] has been chosen–Clement Picon of France. The video is being released in conjunction with the “Reckoner” remix contest, which we previously told you […]

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radiohead remix reckoner by cayce
come listen somethin very different than the top ten……
if u like… we accept ur vote lol

Comment by cayce

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