Beck, Spoon & MGMT at the Hollywood Bowl
Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 01:44 k
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This past Saturday Threadtrend headed out to the Beck / Spoon / MGMT show at the Hollywood Bowl to see one of the best line ups of the year play to a sold out crowd. The night started with MGMT taking the stage at sunset and to an already full crowd of people who showed up early to see one of the biggest buzz acts of the year. They played a 30 minute set that had people cheering, especially when they heard the opening sounds to “Kids.”

So, the night started with a band on the rise and lead to a band that has almost reached the pinnacle of their career, having graduated from Indie darlings to a major rock act. Doing a victory tour lap in support of their biggest album ever Ga Ga Ga Ga, Spoon played like they were headlining the Bowl and definitely had us on our feet cheering them on. They played a set heavy with Ga Ga Ga Ga tracks, from “The Underdog” to “Cherry Bomb.”

After the one two punch of MGMT and Spoon, I was kinda thinking that Beck was going to be overshadowed by his opening acts, but then I was kinda totally blown over by Beck all over again. I hadn’t see him live in some years and even left early at his headling set at Detour 2 years ago. Beck played a varied set list, touching on most of his biggest hits. You knew what kind of night it was going to be when he came out to the opening sounds of “Loser.” Midway through the set he did a few songs with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, which were nothing short of jaw-droppingly beautiful. The show closed with “Epro,” and it’s pretty safe to say that everyone left happy.

Here are some songs:

Beck- Chemtrails
Spoon- The Underdog
MGMT- Weekend Wars

“Lonesome Tears”:

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