Heart Doesn’t Heart McCain: “Barracuda” Isn’t about Palin
Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 09:38 k
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Yuck! Imagine if you wrote a rad song like “Barracuda,” only to have it co-opted by the Republicans. That’s what happened to Heart when their song was played during the Republican National Convention as Sarah “Barracuda” Palin came out on stage to join John McCain after his acceptance speech.

The band was not pleased, and the next day their label told McCain and his peeps to cease and desist. Responding to the disgrace on their website, Ann and Nancy Wilson noted that they were not asked permission for use of the song, and they wouldn’t have given it even if they had been asked.

However, the McCain/Palin campaign hasn’t stopped, and they’re still using it as an anthem for their horrifying Vice Presidential candidate.

Nancy Wilson’s reply? “I feel completely fucked over.”

Jesus, McCain, is nothing sacred?



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Unfortunately, bands don’t own the rights to their songs. The publishing company does. They also even own the rights to the band’s recording of the song. I’m certain that the Wilsons know this, but wanted to make a point anyway.

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