Topshop for the Americans: Still Expensive
Monday, September 15, 2008, 03:44 k
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The good news is that Topshop has finally hit the US in internet form, but the bad news is that we still have to suffer the conversion rate. That’s not change, that’s more of the same! So, I guess it’s not really good news.

It’s weird because unlike H&M, which adjusts their prices to make sense with our measly US dollar and our market, Topshop just doubled the pound price. So if a dress is £120.00, then they’re selling it to us for $240. That would be okay if the clothes were actually worth the big bucks, but last time I was in a Topshop, they weren’t! The styles are super cute, but it’s fast fashion, and fast fashion is never worth that much.

Am I missing something? I’m no economist, but it seems like a poor business decision if they plan to compete with stores like Forever 21 and H&M.


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Actually the conversion rate is 1.00 US Dollars = 0.559763 Great British Pounds.
So Doubling the price is pretty accurate.

Comment by Ian

[…] Topshop for the Americans: Still Expensive […]

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@ Ian,

Yeah, I know the conversion rate. My point is that H&M doesn’t follow that model–they price their fast-fashion to make sense with our dollar, meaning if something is £20 in an H&M in London, it’s not necessarily $40 here. The price might be a little more that $20, but not twice that amount.

If you just convert the Pound to Dollars, the prices aren’t realistic to our economy, and so, they’re asking people to pay practically double what the clothes are actually worth in our market. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Why not just go to Barney and pay $240 for a dress–it’ll be higher quality that one from Topshop.


Comment by threadtrend

Valentina, i totally agree with you… it’s weird though that they miss that point, it’s not like it’s they’re first business or anything, besides everybdy knows that most topshop’s clothes last for a season or so, no more than that… well, i hope they lower their prices!!

Comment by fashionchronicles

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