Summer Heights High Hits the US…Finally
Thursday, September 4, 2008, 09:32 k
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Set to premiere on HBO on Nov 9th 2008 is Summer Heights High, an Austrailian mockumentary, which is written by and stars the hilarious Chris Lilley. HBO picked up the US rights to air this wildly hilarious show that aired in 2007 in Australia. SHH follows two students and one teacher–all played by Lilley–and is shot in the same vein as The Office. The three characters Liley plays are Ja’mie King, Jonah Takalua and Mr. G, the self proclaimed “Director of Performing Arts.”

The show already appears to have a cult following in the US. I’ve seen the first and, sadly, only season of this show already, and I cannot sing its praises loud enough. Like Arrested Development, the show only gets funnier with repeat viewings. Dont miss this one on HBO, which is also bringing another favorite from across the pond over with Little Britain.

Here are 3 clips of each of the character played by Chris Lilley:

Ja’mie King

Mr. G

Jonah Takalua


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wow i never thought this would hit the US! I live in sydney and my school wasso much like this the first time i watched it i cried it was so funny.
go chris lilley!
ps i love your blog

Comment by p

You can actually win a USB key ring of Ja’mie, the best character by far!

We Are Pop Slags

Comment by silvanovicz

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