Rage Against the Machine & the Republican National Convention
Thursday, September 4, 2008, 02:07 k
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Making up for the free show that was canceled by police on Tuesday, Rage Against the Machine played the Target Center in Minneapolis last night. Performing in protest of the Republican National Convention, RATM railed against “the whole fascist Republican agenda” while Sarah Palin was giving her sarcastic and disgusting lie of a speech (don’t get me started). The set list included their most popular anthems like “Testify,“People of the Sun” and ended with “Killing in the Name Of.

During their encore, Zach de la Rocha addressed the crowd, saying:

“I know a lot of you feel the way that we do. In our small way, together we come to spots like this to interrupt and to disrupt and to not be passive in the face of all this death and destruction that this party brought to this country and the world. We won’t be party to it. And we’re going to resist it. And we’re not going to let them distract our brothers and sisters and people around the country from it. … These people are concerned about a few determined people that broke a couple of windows; this government just broke two countries! … Oh and by the way, Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, I forgot to mention that.”

De la Rocha also encouraged the crowd to “leave peacefully” adding “but you don’t have to be passive. You don’t have to let anyone put their hands on you.” Amen.

When the show let out, the police presence was in full swing. It’s been reported that out of the 200 people who stayed around to protest after the show, 102 were arrested. This is similar to what happened on Tuesday night, after RATM’s impromptu a capella show at the Ripple Effect music fest that took place in front of the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul.

If you haven’t heard about that, RATM was set to do a surprise performance, but when they tried to take the stage, the cops stopped them. The police say that RATM had no permit to perform, but Substance (the group behind the festival) say their permit was good until 7pm and had “no artist-specific provisions.” So, the band took to the lawn and did a live, instrument-free performance using a bullhorn.

Then de la Rocha and Tom Morello started marching with the crowd, and the details get sketchy from there. It appears that there were tear gas and rubber bullets involved, though.

You can see the footage of that performance here (watch it, it’s fun):

Don’t forget to vote.


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Comment by FuckPalin

When I first read the title of your entry, I thought RATM played at the RNC. I was partly excited because I thought maybe a new, unimaginable level of “sell-out” had been reached.

Comment by Nathan

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