Murder is the New Black: The Wrangler Ads
Friday, August 15, 2008, 12:21 k
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In the past, we’ve been all for Wrangler’s ads, but what is this all about? This “We Are Animals” campaign is running in France along with these commercials. While the tv spots aren’t offensive–they just show models creeping up on each other and acting like animals–these ads just look like a murder-after-rape scene.

I know were living in a post-feminist world, but have we really gotten to the point were we have to pretend that this is sexy? And then hand over our money in appreciation?

I’m not there.



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This is sick. Thank you for putting this out there.

Comment by givemespacetorock

this is pretty genius.

Comment by jennie

[…] These disturbing images, seemingly evoking discarded dead bodies, were created by French ad agency FFL Paris. Clearly their brief was to move the Wrangler brand away from folksy cowboy imagery and into the edgy territory already occupied by Diesel. It’s very tempting to join in justifiable criticisms that these ads are aestheticising violence against women: to decry the “deeply screwed up culture” behind the imagery and ask angrily if murder is the new black. […]

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Not sure if I have a handbag to go with murder.

Comment by trend de la creme

Images like this are one of the many reasons it seems unrealistic to call this a post-feminist world. Dead female bodies? Not sexy. And not OK.

Comment by Tara

this is fashion!

Comment by nar

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