Brooke Shields, Mamas & Leopard Prints: Project Runway Season 5, Episode 5

Synopsis: On last night’s episode, the challenge was to create a look for Brooke Shields‘ character on Lipstick Jungle. The reward for the winner of this challenge was to have their design worn by Shields during an episode on show’s upcoming second season. The contestants seemed to be pretty excited about this challenge even though Brooke Shields is about as entertaining as a piece of wood (what’s up with the guest judge selection this season?).

Keith and Kenley won for this tiers and floral combo:

Kelli lost with this leopard suit and bustier top that Kors called “slutty”:

Mikey: The episode was quite the nail biter as it wasn’t obvious who was going to win or who was going to be sent home. Working with partners seemed to be very problematic, and I was pretty entertained by Terri letting Suede have it. My favorite line so far this season has to be her telling him, “I’m not sure if you have balls or a va jay jay, but im not your mother and no one is sucking on my titties.” That was pretty classic and summed up suede in a nutshell.

I was hoping the outfit they would produce would send him packing home, but at the last minute they ended up turning something out which was OK, but Terri seemed to love it. It was kinda annoying to see her prancing around in it talking all its praises, and I love how Jerrel called her out on it.

Valentina: I didn’t understand what Terri was so excited about. Again, I felt like she was designing for a cheapo shop. I like the ruffles, but that’s a tough look to pull off. Kind of tacky.

Mikey: Speaking of Jerrel, he is fast turning into one of my favorites. Maybe not in designs, but he just seems like a cool, funny person. I felt bad for Stella getting picked last, but he was really encouraging to her, and they ended up working very well together:
Valentina: Jerell is really precious, and I think he got robbed. That look on the runway was really hot, and Stella outdid herself with that belt. He was smart to let her do her thing with the leather.

Mikey: It was very unfortunate that Koto was teamed up with Joe. My disdain for him grew even more with this episode as he tried to throw her under the bus, but she had the last laugh when she was like, ” I have immunity so your ass is gonna be sent home.”
Valentina: I didn’t like Koto’s outfit, and I thought Joe was crazy when he said he loved it. Plus, he was stupid because of her immunity. I might have liked the top in a different color, but I thought the dress was poorly constructed.

Here’s their look:

Mikey: Blayne is such a brat, and he is probably going to end up going home soon. His defense on the runway that he’s kinda crazy can only take him so far (trust me, I know). His outfit was totally not appropriate for the work place. I mean CMON he made shorts, and while I didn’t think it was hideous, I think he bascially says FUCK it every week and just makes what he wants to make.

Valentina: Blayne’s outfit was as bad as Kelli’s–I don’t know what he was going for at all. He’s one of those people that just doesn’t listen even though he could probably improve if he’d allow for at least a little outward influence. Strangely, I found him much more attractive than previous episode…maybe the tan is wearing off.

Mikey: Kenley, I still love you, but if you’re mean to Keith again, I will hurt you. You kinda talked a lot of smack and were wayyyyyy to whiny, and look what happened, he ended up pulling your ass up with him for the win.

Valentina: Kenley showed herself to be extremely opinionated last night and bossy last night. However, I hardly noticed since I was lusting after her red dress.

Mikey: So, since the desingers were paired up, I’ll just pick the best and the worst for the night. As much as I want to give the best pick to Jerrel and Stella, I can’t turn my back on Keith who managed to pull out the win. I also kinda liked the bossy attitude he displayed during this episode.
He can so boss this around.

My pick for the worst of the night would have to be Kelli and Daniel. I would have maybe sent home Daniel though. I’m so over seeing him scramble around and look like a lost puppy every single episode. And, oh my god, the skirt he made was hideous, I couldnt believe it. He just didn’t really care, and for that maybe he should have sent home.

On the other hand it was Kelli’s design, and it was a very ugly one. Can I just say I’m so over animal print in general, but the whole thing just looked cheap.

Valentina: Like I said, my favorite was Jerrel and Stella, although I did really like Keith’s design. My least favorite was Blayne’s, which was beyond gross with those awful polyester-looking shorts. As far as Kelli vs. Daniel, I’m pretty much done with Daniel who has only shown a small glimpse of talent as far as I’m concerned.



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