Your Eyes are So Anime
Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 05:23 k
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Well, this is kind of weird. If you’ve always wanted to look like Sailor Moon, you can now have at it. Extra-wide contact lenses are becoming popular in Japan along with other Asian countries, and will no doubt hit America soon. It’s only a matter of time before Gwen Stefani starts forcing her Harajuku harem to wear them.

Here’s the sales pitch:

Anyone who’s seen Japanese comics, cartoon videos or anime art is instantly struck by the common look of the girls – big eyes that, by making the rest of the face look small, add the cuteness and sex appeal prized by many Japanese men. Since no amount of cosmetic surgery will make actual human eyes larger, some girls are trying another way to up their cute quotient: extra-wide contact lenses.

Well, I’m sold. I’m constantly trying to up my “cute quotient” and gain the “sex appeal prized by many Japanese men” as well as all males of all cultures. And only $50!



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That is bizarre…nice blog happening here.

Comment by Jacqueline

Amazing. I must get some!! I’m white and have big eyes but why not make them even bigger?

Comment by jennie

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