America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 Unveiled
Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 04:18 k
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Do you love this Top Model promo pic, or do you LOVE it? Summer of Love, indeed. Anyway, the new contestants for Cycle 11 are now on display, and as usual it does not look promising, but lets face it, this show has nothing to do with modeling and everything to do with watching Tyra spiral toward complete and total lunacy.

At least that’s what it’s about for me.

Here are some of the unlucky contestants:

Um, is this a joke? This girl looks exactly like Saleisha, and her name is Nikeysha. I’m not lying.

Here’s the new Eastern Bloc contestant, Elina. She’s from the Eukraine, and hopefully she’s the new Natasha.

Here’s Marjorie, ANTM’s obvious answer to Agyness Deyn right down to the jazz shoes. She’s one of the “edgy” contestants, and here’s the other:

See, she even has textured tights on. So edgy, just like her name, which is McKey. What? How do you even say that–is it like “Mickey” but just spelled weird? Whatever.

Okay, now this is interesting. Isis is this year’s model with “the issue.” She was born a man, and I’m not sure how far along she is in her metamorphosis, but this picture is pretty convincing. Yes, this is a publicity stunt, but who cares? At least the plight of a transgendered person will be humanized for a huge audience.

The trainwreck starts September 3.


See the rest of the contestants here.


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Isis you go girl, dont lisen to the negtive they give you. You are there for your self and only for your self and lot of the other girls are just joules of you because you got it. I stand beind you 100 percent and don’t listen what clark says because she is a bitch and i hope she gets kicked off next because Tyra doesn’t need a stockup bitch to win and i also think that if clark did win she would give top model a bad name for the show. You go girl and if you have any problems of the any of the means ones go to tyra she won’t put up with those girls ok. Good luck and God bless you sweety.

Comment by Amanda Boland

this is for Marjorie, girl you are beaitful and you have a great body, you need to bring up your self-estem. You have it so don’t feel nevres have fun with it and breathe ok, i know it can be nevre racking but just rememeber have fun ok.

Comment by Amanda Boland

for the girl who is from Alaska be nice to others and dont talk about people that you don’t know, You are repercenting your state and show how Alaskin People really are, nice and caring and very friendly not stockup and judge others like you did about Isis, she is very nice and wants the same thing u want to be a model and have some money and be famous, every one wants that. Be repectfull to others ok and good luck

Comment by Amanda Boland

The Louisana girl, you go girl,you go girl. You are very nice and sweet and look good for modeling so good luck and i hope u and Isis becomes friends. Good luck for you two.

Comment by Amanda Boland

Tyra Banks you go girl, you have inspired me to feel beauitful and good about myself because you had to big girls on the show and they even showed me that being fat or big isn’t shameful or ugly, I have been sturgling with my weight all my life and always felt ugly and shameful because of others saying and doing to be. Now I think big is beauitful and sexy. You give girls and women hope for us today and in the future for being modles and good self-estem to, alot of stars don’t do that for anyone at all. I feel proud of who Iam and who I have become. God Bless you and we need more people like you in this world so this world can be a better place to be i think. God bless you and your family and career. Fan AmandaB.

Comment by Amanda Boland

For the means girls be nice and just stop being mean and bitching ok. treat others like you wanted to be treated ok.

Comment by Amanda Boland

For the rest of you girls good luck, i do have my favorits but i do wish you good luck ok.

Comment by Amanda Boland

McKey I’ve loved you and your pictures scince you started America’s Next Top Model. You’re strong and down to eart, great sense of humor too, glad you won!!!

Comment by Tim

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