Truth or Hoax? Dov Charney Lost His Dog
Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 05:03 k
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Have you seen this billboard? Or, better yet, have you seen Dov Charney’s dog ? I saw this ad/lost dog poster up by Burrito King and wondered if it was a joke, but I guess it’s not. Apparently, the American Apparel founder’s dog, Headkayce (yeah, I know:dumb) has gone missing, and he put up a billboard to get her back.

I, like LAist (where we got these pics), hope this isn’t some dumb ploy to sell sexy dog shirts. If it isn’t a hoax, I can’t blame Charney for going all out to find his pup, which he’s had for 10 years. I also can’t blame him for putting up a pic of her decked in AA clothes–that makes it a business expense.

He did go so far as to include his phone number (213-923-7493) and address on the poster (1809 Apex Ave.), so maybe it’s serious? Or maybe he’s just trying to get sympathy sex.

Who knows?

UPDATE: I just received an email that claims this dog has been lost a million times and that it’s always neglected. If that’s true, I hope some dog-lover found it and took it in.


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[…] Truth or Hoax? Dov Charney Lost His Dog […]

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Dov tried to get the dog to pose in an ad where he was licking some strange man’s nut sack. I guess the dog couldn’t take it anymore and split.

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