Everyone Loves a Good Murder Spree: Badlands at the Cemetary
Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 03:34 k
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Last Saturday I found myself at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, as I often do throughout the summer. No, I wasn’t conjuring up Johnny Ramones spirit, but I was watching Sixteen Candles.

This weekend you’ll find me in the same spot taking in another of my all-time favorite films, Badlands. Made in 1974, this movie is directed by Terrence Malick and stars Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen, who are young, sexy and rather stylish in their roles as a murderous teenage couple running from the cops in the badlands of South Dakota.

Sheen does his best James Dean playing Charles Starkweather, while Spacek quietly plays the mysterious and startled Caril Anne Fugate. The narrative is based on the true events of a 1958 murder spree, which was a huge national sensation at the time. As the story goes, the 19-year-old Starkweather killed the 14-year-old Fugate’s mother and stepfather (after shooting a gas station attendant who wouldn’t sell him a stuffed animal), and then the two went ‘a running and ‘a killing some more.

It’s a grim story, but it makes for a fascinating story and a cinematically stellar film. The true events are actually the inspiration for Natural Born Killers and the Springsteen song “Nebraska” as well. And, yes, I’m a little obsessed with Sissy Spacek’s look in Badlands.

See it Saturday, August 16

Hollywood Forever Cemetary
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
$10 to get in, $5 parking
Gates open at 7pm (but if you want a good seat, get there early and wait in line)

Check out the Cinespia site for more details.


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I LOVE that movie! I have a book about Caril too.

Comment by WendyB

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