Republic of Cocktail Land Dresses and Meshuggener: Project Runway Season 5, Episode 4

Synopsis: On last night’s episode of Project Runway, the contestants went on a field trip to the Armory Track and Field Center. This Olympic-themed episode featured guest judge gold medal winner Apollo Ohno. The challenge was to create a look for the women’s team to wear to the opening ceremony at the Olympics, which proved to be very hard for some of the contestants, who I’m guessing either didn’t understand the challenge or just chose to ignore it. To their credit, it did seem a bit boring to us.

Korto won for this Olympic-inspired pantsuit:

What’s-her-name got kicked of for this anti-American bore:

Mikey Says:
First things first, the episode featured the obligatory shirtless Keith, and I’m guessing Bravo really knows their audience well. Here’s little treat , just in case you haven’t gotten on the Keith bandwagon ( HOW DARE YOU). And Terri, do not talk shit about Keith cause I will cut you, and if he wants your fabric, you let him take it with out any attitude!

Stella is a bit delusional, but she’s growing on me, her “leatha” comments make me laugh. (Speaking of which, dont you just want to dish it with Anderson Cooper about reality tv? The silver fox let the gay out on Regis & Kelly and professed his love for PR.)

But i can’t get behind what she creates:

Blayne revealed that he would like to go tanning every other day, but it kinda looks like he already does. And to think that Blayne doesn’t know who The Beatles are, is really kinda sad, and I’m not even a huge fan, but C’MON, he’s kinda an airhead. Maybe its all the tanning.

Here’s his outfit:

Daniel always looks like he is in a panic. And his outfit (see at the top of the post) did look purple. I’m sure if Wesley was there, he would have some choice words for Joe’s bitch ass, but Daniel haven’t you learned you cannot argue with Nina Garcia and win? She tore you a new hole.

I don’t know what everyone is talking about, I love Kenely’s laugh.

Joe is such a little bitch, I really can’t stand him. and he seems borderline homophobe. I can’t believe he gave Daniel such shit about changing the thread, he seems like a cranky old man. I think he thought he had the win, he gave this smirk when he found out he was left, like “OH YEAH I GOT THIS.” I would have liked to have smacked it off his face, but luckily the judges didn’t pick him to win. I mean did you see the hemline (see above) ? It looked awful. The biggest queen on the show is Joe, so he has some nerve calling other people out.

Note to Suede: please do not use “Wackadoodle” anymore, you are no Michael Kors.

Jerell, am I crazy but I kinda liked the outfit he made, maybe not for the olympics, but cute nevertheless.

Valentina says:

This whole challenge was pretty blahs-ville, minus Jerell, who might be my new favorite purely based on his personality and that little hat he wore and, okay, that crazy outfit he made. I love his confidence–he’s always so sure he’s going to win. That’s rad and precious.

Daniel almost got kicked off for what Kors called a “Republic of Cocktail Land” dress:

I’m with you Kors, I didn’ t get it either. Plus, to top it off the choice of red shoes makes me queasy. I’m really glad he didn’t get kicked off though because his model is my favorite.

Terri came in a close second to Korto with this outfit, which I found it pretty cute minus that weird sheer thing on top of the blouse–what was that? Otherwise it was an interesting design that didn’t take the challenge too literally. Also, is she totally Michael Kors‘ favorite or what?

Poor Jennifer was just out of her league. Maybe it’s not fair to say since I haven’t seen her work outside of the show, but I think she’d be best designing for Banana Republic or, maybe, Talbot’s. I don’t know. The skirt (see at the top of the post) wasn’t horrible, but that sweater. My god.

Kelli’s outfit was super adorable. Certainly not appropriate for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but I want that skirt!

Blayne’s (see post closer to the top) and Keith’s outfits did nothing for me.

That collar looks painful and the skirt looks itchy.

–Mikey and Valentina

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I love this season. Great talent but Mr. Tan has got to go!

Comment by Jessie

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