Toilet Paper Blowing in the Wind: Project Runway Season 5, Episode 3
Thursday, July 31, 2008, 01:43 k
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The Synopsis: Last night’s episode had the contestants designing a garment based on New York night life. The designers were taken around the city on a double decker bus and let loose to roam around a New York City staple spots to capture an image on a digital camera for inspiration.

The Guest Judge: Sandra Bernhard served as the guest judge because she is pretty much the epitome of New York night life, umm okay…. But nevertheless, she seemed okay and was not lacking in the personality department. But this is the second week in a row where the guest judge underwhelemed.

The Winner: Kenley won with this 80s inspired dress:

The Loser: Emily lost with this ruffled FLOP:

The Rundown:

#1: We can’t decide whether we love or hate Blayne. So far his designs have been adequate (minus the first one). And while we do find him terribly annoying– he’s trying way too hard to be a character–at times he does stuff that makes us go “awwwwwwww, I think I like you.”

Example: Getting Tim Gunn to say “Holla at ur boi.” Classic and priceless.

SIDE NOTE: Since we are on the topic of Tim Gunn, news broke yesterday that he was paid nothing for season 1 and only $2,500 for season two. He really is a trooper, but it did end up paying off in the long run. We knew Bravo was cheap but CMON

#2: Did anyone catch Daniel saying he was going to miss Wesley? Ooh, their romance was probably budding at that point.

#3: EW! We really, really hate Suede! At this point we don’t even care if he’s a good designer or not. His third person speaking has gotten out of control and is now beyond grating. We hope to see him kicked off next week. Suede, it was almost laughable to hear you call yourself “Bi” in the last episode, you’re so last queer its not even funny.

#4:Keith Bryce has now moved into the resident hottie position since Wesley was kicked off. Mikey seriously wanted to cut Nina when she basically tore Keith apart for his “toilet paper in the wind dress” (leave it to Michael to come up with that). She needs to back off, he’s just a gay Utah boy trying to make it in this big scary world. And we’re not even gonna hate on that gangsta-meets-white-trash look you have going on.

#5: Joe, you are incredibly boring and we hope that you are released from the show soon.

#6: Stella, we find you kind of annoying and, at the same time, kind of like you. We’re not really a fan of what you make, but it does seem like you technically can make things really nice . It’s just that the taste level is not there. She’s kind of like Cher without the fame.


The Worst:

Emily: I had to agree with the judges on sending home Emily. Her dress was all wrong. It was just not pleasing to the eyes. It looked like someone threw up on the dress with paper mache. I was expecting more from her, so it was kinda sad having to see her go.

Terri: Next up is Terris ugly garment. I sooo have to disagree with the judges on this one. I found it terribly ugly and tacky. From the flared pants to the print of the dress, to the open back. And it screamed anything but urban. Maybe the model alone looks like a tough bitch, but this outfit screams, “I was bought for $10 at the mall.” I hated it.

Jennifer: My last choice has to go to Jennifer’s dress. I find her boring, and i found her dress boring. It looked like something a grandma would wear. And I’m sooo tired of hearing her tired-ass line about Surrealism and Dali–that’s just an abstract way of saying I make ugly. Girl, just own up to the ugly.

The Best:

Kenley: I had to agree with the Judges on Kenley as the top pick. The picture doesn’t really do the dress justice., but once you see it going down the runway it really is a nice surprise. I was really down with both fabric choices and her use of shape.

Daniel: Next up i have to go with Daniel, whose dress Ifound incredibly cute. I really loved the color, the choice of fabric and that it was made really smoothly. It looks like Daniel may be one of the ones to watch out for. Damn you, you get Wesley and you happen to be good.

Leanne: My last choice goes to Leanne, who bounces back this week. She was almost a goner last week for the Peter Pan outfit gone wrong, but this week she learned to edit her wacky ways and toned it down but still managed to keep a bit of herself. The skirt was amazing, and loved the color choices.



Stella: Oh, Stella, why? Just why?

Jennifer: Girl, you need to bring that hem up and bring that neckline down. This wasn’t a “make the best oufit for Sears” contest. Furthermore, you can’t just slap a clock design on a dress and call it surreal. Don’t be stupid.

Terri: Yeah, seriously, what were the judges thinking? I think it was just last season that Michael said that he was so over dresses over pants. And, yes, it looks like a Forever 21 or H&M sale rack reject. Maybe without the pants??? No. Still terrible.


Kelli: Okay, this picture is hideous, but on the runway Kelli’s look was really striking. The details were interesting, and I swear that top didn’t look so disgusting on tv.

Kenley: Very cute and really fashion-forward. I looooove the shape, and I’m a maniac for a puffed sleeve.

Jerrell: I’m not absolutely loving any others, so I’m going to go with Jerrell just for the heck of it. It’s a fun dress, and i like the slanted ruffles. Not bad.

–Valentina & Mikey

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