The Coco Chanel Cell Phone
Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 12:53 k
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Designer cellphones are going to be taken to a whole new level if this does in fact ever come out, but a Coco Chanel cellphone concept by Fred de Garlihe, who designs luxury products, was first spotted on

The design works by “integrating an optical fiber system that display image between two glass parts. There are 12 micro lighter fibers, that throw image components to the glass, that offer a quite good luminosity, and keep the mobile phone concept as light as possible. All lights only appear when you open the phone, by pushing removable part on the side of it.”

This is only a prototype, so chances are it may never come out, but this would make me trade in my iPhone in 1 second. There is also a Giorgio Armani cellphone in the works for Samsung.

If you need your designer phone fix now you can try picking up the new touch screen Prada phone by LG.


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wow Coco Chanel Cell phone.. drool..

Comment by cathy

When is the Prada cell phone coming out? And where can we buy it?

Comment by Jany

Just a little detail: This is not a prototype, and has not be made by Chanel.

It’s a designer initiative, and Chanel (as far as I know) has asked the designer to make every visual regarding this phone removed from the web.


Comment by samoth

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