Someone’s Selling Fake Seditionaries Clothes. How Punk.

So, as you probably know, in the Seventies, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood had a store called SEX, a fetish clothing shop which eventually turned into Seditionaries.  This reincarnation centered on Punk lifestyle clothing, and it’s the label that those famous striped mohair sweaters and slashed “Anarchy” and “God Save the Queen” screened t-shirts were born under.  As the legend goes, every Punk visionary to ever walk the streets of Chelsea popped into the shop on a regular basis and…you know the rest of the story.

Now comes the controversy.

It seems that some guy named Simon Easton is selling Seditionaries fakes to museums, auction houses and even Damien Hirst to the tune of about $150,000.  He was also reportedly selling them on eBay for awhile.

Well, of course, the super-capitalist McLaren is pissed about the whole thing.  Probably because he didn’t think of it first–I mean, let’s face it, he’s never exactly been an art for art’s sake kind of guy, and he’s a master at profiteering from other’s work.

Plus, I pose this question:  Isn’t it sort of punk that this guy Easton is flooding the market with fakes? Doesn’t the whole idea of this Seditionaries stuff being sold for big bucks at auctions and sitting in museums kind of defeat the very reason it exists in the first place?

Wasn’t the original purpose of these clothes to revolt the masses not cause a bidding war?


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no its not fucking punk at all, its con artistry. ripping off geuine enthusiasts for very high profit isnt big or clever.

Comment by caroline eves

Nah, I still think it’s kind of punk.

Comment by threadtrend

hes taken people for hundreds of thousands of pounds, what the fuck do you know about punk you tosser?

Comment by caroline eves

easton has made a mint from ripping of unsuspecting buyers .
he is back on ebay now under a new name doing it all again .
under the name
seditionaries uk
used to be
no one wants fakes or rip offs.
this guy even copies the neck lables .

Comment by originalonly

He sells originals and he sells fakes, all for shit loads.
In fairness, he knows his stuff. If someone is idiot enough to pay then so be it.
But it’s got bugger all to do with punk. Whatever that is.

Comment by Steve13

What’s even funnier is the way he’s attempting to justify it- talking about how Seds itself was ripping off and cheating other people.
It’s a shame that great clothing like that has to be remembered like this.
I love the clothing.

Comment by vlasyvlasy

Seditionaries was a con, as anyone who was there will know, most things didn’t have a lable. Boy in Kings Road was much better value, as was The Last Resort in Goulston Street.

Comment by Finger Licking

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