I’m a Fashion Stalker: Tibi Flats on Sale
Friday, July 25, 2008, 12:02 k
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So, I’m a total fashion stalker. I stalk shoes, clothes, bags, and anything else I want but can’t buy right away on the internet. I don’t always buy the things I stalk–sometimes, I leer at them so long, I lose my taste for them–but sometimes, my dedication pays off and the object of my gaze goes on sale.

These Tibi Francoise flats are a good example. They’ve got the cut-out detailing that I’ve been insisting on all summer, and they’re a good fall to summer transition color. Is that royal purple or blue?

Anyway, they used to be over $300, but now they’re $162.50 at net-a-porter. Do I dare take the next step?



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If I had the money they would be on the way already

Comment by Fashion Ivy

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