The Ugly Brown Triumvirate:Project Runway Season 5, Episode 2

The synopsis: It was a sad day on Project Runway last night as the models got to choose an eco-friendly fabric for their designers to create a cocktail frock. Natalie Portman was the guest judge for the night having recently released an eco friendly shoe line.

Wesley was sent home for this lumpy, wrinkled monstrosity:

While Mr. 3rd person, Suede, won for this labor-intensive design, which Natalie Portman went gaga over:


I was so disappointed that Wesley was sent home as he had already positioned himself on my heart as one of my favorites, but then this week i find out he’s a cheater (rumored romance with Daniel Feld), so maybe it was best that he was sent home.

Here’s my bottom 3:

1. Wesley – I had to agree with the judges, as much as it pains me to say, in their descision to send Wesley home. The dress did look like it was sewn by 20 different hands and just looked anything but polished. It wasn’t fitted properly, and I’m not sure all the blame can go on him–if his model had picked a better fabricmaybe his lovely face would still be on, but other people had that fabric and still managed, so im at a loss.

2. Next up was Korto’s design. I really have no clue what this girl was thinking. She went from doing something really nice last week to this? I’m not even sure what to say about this. The dress was very unflattering on her model, and like the judges said it looked like it had fins, like she was some sea creature of something.

3. The last pick is very hard because I really didn’t like a lot of the designs. I hated Stella’s, Leanne’s, and Joe’s, but i guess my pick would have to be Jennifer. I really hated this dress with its tassles hanging down to the color choice. I hated how the model was put together with her matching bangles. The whole thing was unappealing to my eyes.

Now for my top 3:

1. I think that Kenley should have won the challenge. I think her dress was the best looking in the bunch. She used her fabric well, and it seemed very elegant and fashion forward. Her model was also put together very nicely.

2. Suede is my other choice. I still find him highly annoying, and I didnt enjoy seeing him win. Maybe it was a fluke, but who knows maybe he will be able to pull some more wins out of his ass. The dress was really cute and definetly seemed like it would be something I could see Natalie Portman in. I liked the detailing at bodice, and his model did a good job picking out his fabric.

I would have loved for Keith to have been one of my picks, but his was just ok. I actually didn’t really love any of the other dresses, so I’ll just leave you with a parting shot of Wesley in his underwear:


I sort of felt like this challenge was a slap in the face to green design. If they hadn’t had the gimmick of letting the models choose the fabric the designers could have proven the point that eco-conscious design can be super chic.

Nonetheless, these are my top 3:

1. While I found that French braid he was sporting to be a crime against humanity, I have to say that Blayne’s dress appealed to me. It was like an update of those Body Glove-inspired dresses from the 80s. Like something Amy Dolenz wore in She’s Out of Control. But in a good way.

I don’t know, but I’m feeling like Blayne might get good.

2. I like Daniel’s. I love a full skirt like this and I liked the slightly longer length in the back. I would totally wear this dress. It was a lot classier than most of the others.

3. Suede. Yeah, I hate him, too, as I generally hate anyone who sports a fashion-punk look, but there’s no denying that this was a sweet-ass dress. The picture at the top of the post doesn’t really do it justice.

Bottom 3:

1. STELLA! I know it’s only rock ‘n roll, but I don’t like it. At. All. How did this get into the top 3? And when Nina said she liked it, I wanted to say, “lady, are you for real?” It belongs in a Poison video or on a cast member of Rock of Love. Same thing.

2. Wesley. There’s nothing I can say about this that you aren’t already thinking.

3. Joe’s dress was so insanely gross. It looked like a Jessica McClintock fiasco. What’s with the peep hole?

–Valentina & Mikey

–Valentina & Mikey

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Dating a fellow contestant? Smells like sabotage to me.

Comment by casanovaruffin

Sigh, Wesley. I hated your dress but I love your short shorts.

Comment by styleexchange

Yeah, this was a slap in the face to good eco-design.

Comment by thegoodstuff

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