Ticky Tack Trannies & Tablecloths: Project Runway Season 5 Premiere
Friday, July 18, 2008, 09:50 k
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After watching the premiere episode of Project Runway it leaves me a bit, i dunno, underwhelmed. After all the behind the scenes drama leading up to this new season–is nina in or out?, Los Angeles instead of NYC?, the Lifetime Channel move and the producers leaving the show–you kinda have to wonder how this season is going to play out.

And after watching episode one, I’m not sure, but things can always turn around.

But c’mon how many people went safe with the table cloths? Just about everyone! And I was thinking we had a really good innovative bunch. But onto the positive: the cast seems like there are enough interesting people
to make the show watchable, even if the fashion may end up being lackluster. The one thing that was firmly in place (and probably one of the main reasons you watch the show) is the Judges.

Nina still can cut you with just a look of a disgust and watch out when she opens her mouth. Michael has this uncanny ability of saying the best one liners EVER, and well, Heidi is just Heidi, and I’m surprised I’ve never realized how grating her voice is. Also, I was really happy to see Austin Scarlett as the guest judge.

So here are some comments I jotted down while watching the show:

First things first: Blayne you are not the new Christian Siriano, and your use of “girlicious” is not the new “fierce”, and you need to keep your ticky tac tranny un-fierce ass away from the tanning salon! That being said, I might end up liking you, haha. Your outfit was horrible, but I feel like you may have a lot of good stuff coming. On a side note, does anyone else think Blayne might be a cokehead ? Did anyone else notice all the sniffing? Going on……

Secondly, so glad that Jerry was sent packing. My first impression of him even before seeing his outfit, was my GOD you are bland and unmemorable. He has the distinction of possibly creating the worst outfit Project Runway has ever seen

Keith you are too hot, when you come on the screen I go weak in the knees.

Wesley another hottie who hopefuly will turn into one of the front runners so I can stare at your beautiful ass throughout the season. I liked the outfit he produced, and he definitely shows promise.

Suede, I didnt really care for. His design seemed very ordinary and he definitely didn’t live up to the challenge. Also I didn’t like how he talked about himself in the third person (it was like that one episode of Seinfeld

Kelli won the challenge. I liked what she did and definitely loved the bottom portion of the outfit, with the bleaching and staining she did, but I wasn’t too crazy about the top portion. But she did show innovation.

Daniel is another hottie for sure and in my opinion the one designer who really went all out with the challenge. He used plastic cups and managed to make a really cute dress. I was kind of scared after reading his bio, but now I think he may go the distance.

Korto. I like her and she definitely has an eye for putting together the entire look. Although not as innovative as some of the others, she did use real food and created a very cute dress.

Stella -OMG what a train wreck. She sent garbage bags down the runway that looked like SURPRISE ! garbage bags. i have a felling this ones going to eek by and hang in a few episodes because she is a character and makes for good tv.

As for the rest of the cast. Well, ’til the next episode. The previews for the upcoming season didn’t have any WOW moments but when Tim Gunn says, “Holler at your Boy,” I almost died from glee.



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