Does This American Apparel Ad Offend You?
Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 03:12 k
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So, everybody’s fave company to be offended by are at it again. And so are the offendees.

American Apparel unleashed their latest bj-inspired ad in the Danish magazine S, which as far as I can tell is pretty naughty in and of itself. I’m not one to defend Dov Charney, who some believe is the receiver in this pic, but I mean really, is it that offensive ? Especially where fashion is concerned–almost every ad in Vogue shows a woman practically orgasming over a purse or shoes or diamonds or whatev.

And personally, this Terry Richardson ad for Belvedere with it implications and “Luxury Reborn” tagline grosses me out way more:

But that’s just me.


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not offended, just bored. but yeah the second one is yuck.

Comment by gina

I find most AA ads completely disgusting and anti-woman. When are we going to stop equating sexism with Art or Fashion?

Dov Charney has proven that he doesn’t think women are good for much more than blow jobs and underwear.

Comment by pissed

I think it’s foolish to be shocked by people who are trying too hard to shock. Why give them the satisfaction of noticing?

Comment by WendyB

i agree with wendy. it’s just childish, but hardly offessive

Comment by marty


Comment by tim lansky

I don’t agree with this ad. Its really remarkable where advertisments will go to try and catch certain markets. However, at the same time, if they are appealing to the demographic they’re after, then they’ve done their job. This advertisment doesn’t seem to portray a positive sense of their product. Yet, thats mainly b/c it isn’t pointed toward my demographic. The demographic that it is targeted to might as well enjoy this advertisement so much that they’d buy the product b/c of it. The advertisement isn’t all the way disgusting as it is distastful. Nothing is wrong with this advertisement, just as long as these pictures don’t reach billboards in public view. Children shouldn’t be subject to such advertisement tactics. If this is the case, the advertiser should definately have a lawsuit thrown at them for indecent exposure and subjecting children to explicit content.

Comment by puremonopoly

[…] Apparel is nothing if not provocative–sometimes brilliantly, sometimes yuckily–and their latest web campaign is pretty interesting.  Check out the ad above, which makes a […]

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