Update: Vogue Italia The All Black Issue

Back in April, Threadtrend reported that an all-black issue of Vogue Italia was in the works. The news caused a big stir and tons of discussion about whether this was a too-little-too-late publicity stunt or a genuine attempt to spark diversity in an industry that’s not always so diverse.

Which ever way you feel about the controversy–and I definitely see both sides of it–you can’t deny images shot by iconoclast photographer Steven Meisel (he’s responsible for the Madonna’s Sex book) are stunning. He even managed to get Tyra Banks to lose her crazy eyes for half a second. There’s also no denying that, together with the Italian mag’s editor Franca Sozzanzi, Meisel has created a memorable issue (which comes in 4 different covers) that definitely highlights the absence of ethnic faces in fashion.

Whether it will change anything–well, that is debatable.


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Personally i find it rather tokenistic, it would surely be better to start using black models more in every issue. However i suppose it’s a step in the right direction.


Comment by Jess@Fashion156

Definitely a step in the right direction….there better be more ethnic faces in general next issue or they’ll be the laughing stock.

Comment by Cee-Cee

After waiting tirelessly for the arrival of the much hyped and anticipated “Black Issue”, I must admit I am slightly disappointed. Though I am in awe of the beautiful editorial spreads that were photographed by Meisel, I was expecting the magazine, in its entirety, to be represented by black models. It took me nearly 100 pages after the cover before seeing a black face, because as usual, all the advertising featured white models. The only advertising that featured a black model were the PINKO ads of Naomi, and some of those pictures were not even current.

I applaud the efforts that were made to bring attention to the obvious, but well hidden racism that exists within the fashion industry, but as a young black woman (age 19), I would have hoped to see more models in the blue chip ad campaigns.

In addition, included in the magazine package was a “Free Gift” preview of the Fall shows, which displayed 99% of the uninspiring white faces we have grown used to seeing on the catwalk. It discourages me to no end to know that there are so many beautiful and qualified ethnic models (ajuma, honorine, hollis, oluchi, kinee, etc) that go unrecognized. Its quite interesting to me because people act like Sessilee is new. She’s been around for years, but no one wanted to give her a chance. Chanel, Jourdan, liya and Naomi are not the only black models available; unfortunately they are the only ones getting work. But believe me, we are here. Ready, available and qualified for work. It is more than just needing more black models. There needs to be more ethnicly diverse agents, designers, photographers, stylists, editors, etc. It is one thing to say that black models don’t sell because if that were true, numerous newsstands would not be sold out of this issue already.

Either way, it is a step in the right direction, which is more than I can say for other magazines. The featured models (including Tocarra) look exceptional and beyond inspiring.

I hope for change I can believe in. Yes we can.

Comment by Ferocia

this is so GLORIOUS

I say halleleuha for some colour for a change

As a women of colour I am so tired of blonde haired blue eyed folks being representative of beauty when I know for a fact that Nubian queens can hold their own in the world of high fashion

MORE MORE MORE – Please !!!!!!!!

Comment by gningala

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