When Fashion Ads Go Wrong:Marc Jacobs New Victoria Beckham Ads
Friday, May 30, 2008, 04:19 k
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Ay!  and Ewwww.

Those are first two things that came to mind when Mikey sent me this new Marc Jacobs ad.  No wonder Jacobs is going back to using models in his Fall ads.

Step away from the tanning booth, Posh.


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Posh amuses me, so I’ve preferred her Marc ads to all the other Marc ads. Hers seem to be more humorous and less “I’m so artsy, admire me!” than the others. Though that could just be what I’m reading into it!

Comment by WendyB

so horrible!!! eughhhh

Comment by Naomi

I agree with Wendy.

I also think it’s a great ad. For one, everyone is talking about it. I think it’s fab that posh was willing to look like that in the glossy magazines, it makes me like her more. And Marc Jacobs. As much as I love fashion, it is good to poke fun at it sometime.

Comment by Edith Purdy

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