The Rachel Ray Keffiyeh Controversy. Lame.
Thursday, May 29, 2008, 07:10 k
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I never thought I’d be writing about Rachel freaking Ray, but this Keffiyeh controversy is the silliest thing ever.

I guess that conservative nut job Michelle Malkin started the ruckus, calling Ray and DD out on her blog for promoting scarves that are “staples at anti-Israel rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley.” She’s also grossed out that they’ve become a fashion trend, saying it’s the same thing as “Klan-style hoods in Burberry plaid.”

Um, okay. Whatever. Keffiyehs are also the traditional dress of Arab men, and ethnic wear is often co-opted by pop-culture–like moccasins, peasant tops, and African prints. I really doubt that these drunk hipsters were attempting to make any sort of political statement:

The ironic thing is that now that Rachel Ray wore the Keffiyeh in a DUNKIN’ DONUTS commercial (for crying out loud) THE TREND IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Yup, Ray effectively killed the trend that Malkin finds so offensive. She should applaud Ray because now nobody is going to wear it for fear of looking like the “30 Minute Chef.”



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sillier yet is not understanding what it stands for and that those who use it as a political statement will cut your head off first chance they get…ask Daniel Pearl

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