Freshjive is Back. The “Victimized”/Urban Outfitters Controversy.
Thursday, May 22, 2008, 03:38 k
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Remember when Freshjive used to make shirts for ravers? You know, good time shirts like this? Well, now they’re making tees like the one above as part of their new political collection called “The Good Ol’ Days.” The rest of the line includes depictions of Yasir Arafat, Jesus, and assault rifles.

The result? Major controversy.

Urban Outfitters was carrying the shirt (which of course they knew was going to cause a big, freaking stir), but now, saying “we do not buy items to provoke controversy or to intentionally offend”, they’ve pulled the item from their shelves.

To me, UO’s stocking of this shirt is an all-out ploy for attention and part of their ongoing campaign to pretend they’re punk, but Pamela Geller of the blog, Atlas Shrugs, argues that the buyers at Urban are “Islamists and Jihad lovers” and that the company itself is “engaged in the promotion of cultural jihad.” She goes on to say, “This is a campaign to demonize Jews [by] mainstreaming antisemitism [and] making it part of cultural lore.”

For their part, FreshJive is pretty pissed about the backlash. On their site, owner Rick Klotz counters:

I disagree that expressing concern for the children of Palestine is the same as “Jew hating”. That knee jerk reaction is consistent with the “with us or against us” nonsense we have experienced too much of during the last several years. To be clear: I believe there are victims on all sides of this conflict.

Klotz goes on to say that the purpose of the shirt is to “promote dialog.”

I agree that there needs to be open, honest discussion on this issue, and I totally respect Freshjive’s right to produce this shirt. I also “get” the point they’re trying to make about the way this endless conflict brutalizes children and forces them into a life of violence and hate (on BOTH sides), but I disagree that a shirt like this will promote civil discussion on the topic.

It’s also kind of gross when people profit off of such problems. That means you, Urban Outfitters.



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It’s a series of shirts to spark discussion, chill out. Oh and Rick Klotz is Jewish, so why would he be “anti jew”? I’m pretty sure he just wants people to open up their minds and get the perspective from all sides not just their own opinions.

Comment by Kyle

And now israel invading gaza, it is the first time i see negative reports on israel.
all the media comes from israel, there are rarely journalists in palestinan territory, so the reports are always one-sided in favour of israel.
i really hope they lose the ground battle, just because they went in for no very good reason.
yeah, the rockets being fired, but israel fired some back as well,killing more people than the 4 people the palestinan killed.

Comment by koffie

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