Dov Charney Wins the “Oscar of Fashion”


Totally creepy? Well, duh, but you can’t deny that Dov Charney knows how to manufacture a good shirt. And as I sit here wearing my 50/25/25 tee from American Apparel, word comes out that Charney has been named “Retailer of the Year” by the Michael Awards for the Fashion Industry.

Charney follows in the footsteps of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Rente.

Steve Shor, the founder of the awards, had this to say about it:

In a surprisingly short period of time, American Apparel has distinguished itself as a truly unique and exciting retail brand in the global market. American Apparel’s high-quality, Made in the USA clothing, together with the company’s progressive business practices and provocative advertising campaigns, have se the company apart as a fascinating story in the fashion world.� For Dov Charney’s accomplishments as an entrepreneur and as the creative director of American Apparel, we are honoring him as Retailer of the Year.




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Arghhhh, please put his mug away! Bury it deep in the cement foundation of his next store. That character creeps me out and not in a good way :0

Comment by Design Bitch

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