Is an Actual Model Going to Win ANTM this Year????
Thursday, May 8, 2008, 03:54 k
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America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

While I admit that it’s pathetic that this is the question burning in my mind right now, I still have to ask: are we going to get an actual model out of America’s Next Top Model this year? I hope so because season after season, it’s just one pretty girl with little model potential after another.

That’s been the trend for so long now that I don’t expect anything else. I just watch it for the camp factor.

But last night, the panel decided on the top 3, which includes Anya, Fatima, and Whitney. And since the show is obviously only keeping Whitney on to prove that they’re inclusive, I’m sure they’ll kick her off tout suite next week. Then we’ll be left Anya and baby Iman. So good.

On a side note, I feel the same way about Whitney that I’m beginning to feel about Hilary Clinton: I would love for a plus-size model to win, just not that plus-size model.

Anyway, I’m hoping that ANTM doesn’t trash the opportunity to have a real model showdown for this year’s finale. Anyone who’s stuck with the show this long deserves it, for crying out loud.



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I can’t imagine a real model ever coming out of this show.

Comment by WendyB

I hope WHitney wins, I hate her and I think plus size models are unrealistic, but then FAtima and Anja will have a better chance think becasue they will not be a covergirl, when you are a covergirl, you are a commercial, not a model

Comment by hannah

Here’s my prediction:
Next week they are either going to kick off Fatima or Anya so it will be down to Whitney and the winner. They do things like that to mess with our heads……………….

Comment by iron chic

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