Top Ten Things I Learned on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 10, Episode 10
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 08:35 k
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1. America’s Next Top Model is a battlefield.

2. You can’t let a Roman gladiator F up your shoot.

3. Anya should win. These remaining episodes feel like a formality.

4. If Tyra tells you she’s your “Mama.” Run away.

5. Wow, Saleisha, a Canadian sportswear line!

6. Tyra will use any excuse to strike a pose.

7. Tyra is crazy, but she can work high-waisted jeans.

8. If we were in Egypt, Katarzyna would be perfect.

9. A “busted, broken-down waistline” is a good thing in the world of modeling.

10. Poor Katarzyna. Yuck to Whitney.


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I knew it should be Anya from day one. I stopped watching a long time ago because the whole thing’s just so boring, the same as past episodes, and full of pettiness that I can get from The Hills. She’s the only one who looks like a real model, very unreal.

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