Vogue Italia: The All Black Issue


The lack of diversity in the fashion industry has been a point of contention for decades, and recently there’s been lots of talk on the issue. After the Spring 08 shows in NYC, for instance, America’s Next Top Model’s Nigel Barker took note of the homogeny on the runway, telling WWD, “Everyone is always talking about the weight issue, I think they should be talking about race.”

Now comes word that at least some are trying to take things in a different direction. Fashionista reports today that photographer Steven Meisel has just completed shooting an all-Black issue of Vogue Italia in an attempt to spur more diversity in future issues of Vogue. There aren’t too many details yet, and there’s no word on who the cover girl will be.

I just really hope this isn’t a one-time deal or a stunt that changes nothing.




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