Tom Ford Ad Causes a Hubbub. Again.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Tom Ford’s ads, not because they’re vulgar, but because they’re vulgar in a boring way. Wow, a bottle of cologne covering a waxed shocking! But I guess everyone’s not as jaded as I am, judging by the fact that this particular eyewear ad has been banned in Italy.

Yes, Italy, where a man can grope you in front of his wife in the middle of a piazza without so much as an ounce of drama.

Anyway, Italy’s Institute for Advertising Self-Discipline has decided that a finger in the mouth crosses the line, despite the fact that the woman is biting the finger, which is a definite symbol of power if not a warning to men. Nonetheless, according to the group, the depicted “scene evokes an offending and abusive act against women, which degrades the dignity of the person.”

I can think of a lot of things that degrade women and this is pretty low on my list. Being sexually provocative and perpetuating sexism are not one in the same. Now that blow up doll one! That was sexist.



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Funny that you’re publishing the ad.
Advertisments are for attention,
and you gave the attention!
Tom Ford would says; Thank you !

Comment by Marilyn Monroe

Yeah, I don’t have a problem with this ad, so why is it funny that I’m publishing it?

Comment by threadtrend

Doesn’t bother me at all. Has a ’70s vibe to me.

Comment by WendyB

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the funny thing, is that italian tv and ads are so full of sex that it’s not considered offensive anymore!
p.e. there’s the adv of a silicon glue, that it’s REALLY a porn, like the cliché of the maid in guepiere and the half naked wife, almost doing sex together and inviting the husband to a menage a trois…

Comment by annina

Yeah! So true. The times I’ve been in Italy, I’ve always noticed a show called “Super Sexy Blob,” which comes on nightly and features non-stop footage of strippers.

So funny.

Comment by threadtrend

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