Hello Kitty Wears Galliano in Japanese Vogue
Monday, April 21, 2008, 08:19 k
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You know those people who are still obsessed with Hello Kitty even though they’re like, 35? Well, they are going to shit their pants when they see this! Not only will the feline grace the cover of Japanese Vogue in June, she’ll also be wearing John Galliano’s Dior creations. Lucky bitch!

The spread will depict Galliano and HK walking around Paris shopping. So, I’m assuming it’s going to be a large puppet? Weird!

Here’s what a spokesman for Conde Nast Japan had to say about it:

“Japanese animation and characters have been a strong influence on the fashion world in the last few seasons, but Kitty is special….Fashion people all know her name and face and always say they love her. That’s why we at Vogue wanted to do something involving her.”




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Is that Miss J?

Comment by Trendinista

Wow, this really is insane. I got over Hello Kitty in about 3rd grade, but I’m sure there will definitely be some women out there who go nuts over this hideous creation!

Comment by Emily



Comment by IWUVKITTY

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