Top 10 Things I Learned from America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10, Episode 8
Wednesday, April 16, 2008, 09:33 k
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As always, I’ve probably lost important information that my parents paid a lot of money for me to get, in order make room for the things I learned on this week’s installment of America’s Next Top Model:

1. Always keep track of your travel documents.

2. “Paulina Lessons” are pretty obvious.

3. Never ask Mrs. Du Bois is she wants more champagne.

4. Whitney is a plus-size ball of bitter.

5. 7-Up is “all-natural,” and apparently so is high-fructose corn syrup.

6. People who accidentally cut themselves while chopping “don’t know how to use a knife.” Ugh, that Whitney is such a mean jerk.

7. People who talk funny are always good models.

8. Whitney is no J-Lo in that Red Carpet Dress.  Scary.

9. It’s okay with me if Top Model contestants don’t exercise their right to vote.

10. Poor Stacy Ann.  But really, with a name like that, what can you expect?



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I am english so have therefore not seen cycle 10 of america’s next top model, so I don’t know whether whitney is a bitch or not, but after chossing salesha last year, we know its only the personality that counts. Who in te real world cares if models are bitches, no top model is a covergirl, Natasha poly has an accent, and is nice but that is not why she is a top model. And no models are fat. Tyra will choose Whitney because plus size models are always in her good books. We just have to face it. America’s next top model, is really America’s next top personality.

Comment by hannah

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