Screw Branding, Go Generic with Generic Man


I’m always looking for simplicity when it comes to shoes–clean lines and classic style. Were I a man, I’d opt for Generic Man shoes, the makers of the sweet red sneakers shown above. Generic Man is an LA-based company with a no-logo ethos and a penchant for whipping up shoes for the man who “is confident enough in them self to accept simplicity.” Hence, the “Sportsman” high tops:


Like their collections, the story behind Generic Man is pretty cool. The founders, Brandon Day and Kevin Carney, set out to define the meaning of the word “adult,” which is a rather complex concept for our generation, no? What came about was a catalog that identified “the generic man”–his lifestyle, his tastes, his fashion sense. The exercise made them realize that there was a big abyss in the footwear industry between luxury and mass-produced brands. The result is a line of well-crafted shoes without all the jazz of labels and logos. Like a breath of fresh air.

Check out their Spring/Summer 08 collection–I like the Chuckman, myself.




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