Crocs Sales are Down, There is Hope for the Future
Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 11:20 k
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Ay, Crocs! The “shoes” that secure my suspicions that America is doomed. But wait! The Street reports that the plastic nightmare may be showing signs of a slow death–the company just lowered its earnings estimate for the first quarter, citing the sluggish economy and lowered consumer spending as the culprit.

Well, at least this recession is good for something.

But don’t get too happy or hopeful about this news, Crocs still expects to take in an astounding $195million. And there is more bad news, too: Crocs expects their European sales to go up 90% and 75% in Asia.

Why must we filthy up the world with our filthy trends?



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I think the only thing filthy is your mind. Ask the millions of people with foot problems who have benefited from Crocs shoes to realize your folly. Just because you call yourself Valentina does not make you a fashion diva so pipe down.

Comment by Brian

@ Brian. Ha. You’re funny.

Comment by threadtrend

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