America’s Next Top Model is Indecent! The FCC Has Been Notified.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 08:28 k
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Remember this “prize” photoshoot? If not, let me jog your memory. Anya, from this season’s ANTM, won some pose-off contest and ,as a reward (for Nigel mostly), got to take it all off for the saucy photographer.

Well, the Parents Television Council (whose tagline is “Because Your Children are Watching”) has filed a complaint with the FCC against that very episode. Apparently, Anya’s pubis on display at 8pm was just too much for the group to handle, and in the words of their President Tim Winter:

“It is irresponsible for the CW Network to air full frontal nudity on the public airwaves at 8:00 pm, and based upon our analysis of the broadcast in question we believe this has crossed the legal threshold for broadcast indecency. This episode portrays a photo-shoot where the model is entirely naked; and the nudity includes the model’s pubic region in full view, albeit slightly blurred.”

Wow! I don’t remember it like that, but maybe I’m just jaded by my super-liberal notions. I wouldn’t put it past me. You know, nude women don’t offend me. But Tyra Banks? She offends me! I’d like to file a complaint against her very existence.


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I’ve been meaning to file a complaint about the competitors who have not only no chance of being a top model, but not much of a chance of being a crap model. I think they pick the contestants by blindfolding someone, sending them out in the street and selecting people by touch.

Comment by WendyB

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